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    Contract problems can drag your business into litigation nightmares. Having a contract lawyer on your side can help your business prevent major issues while ensuring each and every agreement you sign serves your company’s interests.

    Our team of commercial contract lawyers will help you negotiate, draft, and renew all of your important agreements.

    We work with leases, employment contracts, vendor agreements, partnership agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and more. We help create win-win deals that are less likely to fail, all written in the kind of language that gives you rock-solid protection in the event that the contract ends up at the center of a court case.

    What are common contract issues?

    Many contracts are incomplete. When a contract leaves out major provisions or fails to anticipate certain possibilities it creates vulnerabilities and liabilities that can come back and cause problems for a business later.

    Hidden pitfalls are another issue. For example, some companies sign contracts that don’t offer any price protection. They think the contract keeps the vendor from raising prices, only to be surprised when the vendor does. Worse, they’re now contractually bound to purchase from that vendor for a certain length of time, and are forced to live with the new prices. If a lawyer had reviewed that contract in the first place they would have seen, with ease, that price protections needed to be built into the document.

    Another common issue is in cases where a business has multiple agreements going with another business. Without a lawyer to consider and account for all of these extensive agreements it could be easy to get involved in a web of obligations that contradict one another. If you think contract A should take precedence and the other party thinks contract B takes precedence there’s a good chance both parties will end up in a long, expensive, protracted legal argument.

    What makes a contract unenforceable?

    “Boilerplate” contracts that weren’t tailor-made for your business create some of the most unenforceable agreements, especially if you got them from the Internet. They could be legal in the province or country they were created in, but not here in Alberta. They could do a great job of meeting the needs of the business they were originally created for but ignore the unique realities of your business.

    Every contract you sign should be tailored to your business realities. It should also be crafted to match up to Albertan and Canadian law.

    A contract is also unenforceable if one party had the other sign it under false or fraudulent pretenses, or if there was any coercion involved in the signing.

    Why Merchant Law?

    The team at Merchant Law has 20 to 30 years of experience helping businesses like yours manage and negotiate their contracts. We’ll help you get the best possible terms for your agreements, and we’ll help spot potential issues before you sign anything.

    We’re also highly skilled litigators. While our goal is to help you avoid litigation wherever possible, we’re ready and willing to step into the courtroom when necessary.

    Want to find out if we’re the right contract lawyers for you? Call (403) 225-7777 to get started today.