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    Starting, buying, or running a business? Tap into a team of commercial lawyers who are located right here in Airdrie. You’ll work with some of the industry’s most experienced business lawyers, 20 and 30 year veterans who have seen every issue in the book.

    We help businesses at every size, even if you’re not an incorporated company. Even an LLC can use help from compliance lawyers, after all. Businesses come with a host of legal issues and risks. We help you manage them.

    How do you choose the right structure for your business?

    The right structure will depend on a number of factors, including:

    • Your industry.
    • The number of employees you have or plan to have.
    • Whether you’re going into business with yourself, a partner, or a board of directors.
    • Tax concerns.
    • Liability concerns.

    Let us help you make the right choice and set your business up correctly for scalability and growth right out of the gate. Our team can also help you if you need to change your business structure because it wasn’t set up correctly initially.

    By choosing the proper business structure you can maximize tax benefits, minimize your personal property’s exposure to debts and liabilities, and ensure that your business will thrive for many years to come.

    How do you comply with business regulations?

    It can be hard for the average business owners to even find the regulations that govern both their business structure and their industry, let alone adhering to them. An lawyer can help you go through the list of compliance steps you need to take, from filing certain paperwork with the province to securing certain equipment for your employees.

    Remember, every violation can cost millions of dollars. Make the wrong move, and you could lose your business. It pays to have a lawyer on your team from the very beginning.

    What happens if your business gets sued?

    When you’re in business, the question is rarely if you’ll get sued. The question is usually when.

    If you have property, you can easily get sued when someone gets hurt at your office or store. If you have employees, one of them might well sue you over how they were fired, or how they were treated while employed. If you create a product or offer a service, there’s a good chance either an employee or one of your products could cause damages. If you’re involved in any contract, there’s a possibility that circumstances may force you into a breach.

    There are also times you’ll need to sue others: to protect your intellectual property, for example, or to enforce another party’s contract information.

    If you’ve worked with a business lawyer from Day 1 you will be far more prepared for these instances, and will be in a better position to defend yourself.

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    When you come to Merchant Law you’ll be matched with one of our experienced business lawyers. Our lawyers are responsive, savvy people who care deeply about your success.

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