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    Getting a divorce? You need a local divorce lawyer to guide you through the process.

    While it may be tempting to assume you can file your divorce without help, the truth is divorces are complex legal issues. Mistakes can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of decades.

    Our team is experienced with every aspect of the divorce process, and understands how to get you the best possible deal for your divorce settlement.

    Airdrie, AB Asset Division Lawyer

    If you have a high net worth, a complex asset profile, or both, then you absolutely need a divorce attorney. Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to maintain control of their businesses, for example, will need help keeping their company viable and intact. Farmers and ranchers will need similar aid.

    In Alberta, both spouses have an equal right to half the marital property.

    Yet nothing is simple. There is often a lot of room for disagreement about what constitutes martial property. There are assets that may be devalued by dividing them incorrectly. Either spouse may be attached to keeping one asset or the other.

    It takes creative legal solutions to come up with an equitable settlement that your spouse is likely to accept. Fortunately the team at Merchant Law has the experience that it takes to craft these solutions.

    Airdrie, AB Spousal Support Lawyer

    Spousal support, also known as alimony, is likely to be one of the most contentious issues in your Alberta divorce. It tends to cause more emotion than any other divorce issues, because money and livelihoods are at stake.

    Canada has firm, if complex, guidelines for helping to determine whether a spouse is eligible for support, and, if so, how much support they are eligible for.

    These guidelines consider how many years the couple was together, and the responsibilities each party fulfilled during the marriage. Other factors include whether either party is receiving child support, the amount of income each spouse brings in, and what the lifestyle of each spouse was prior to the marriage.

    While we cannot promise to maximize your spousal support payment, or to get you out of paying one altogether, we can say that we have been successful at negotiating spousal support agreements both parties can live with.

    Airdrie, AB Child Support Lawyer

    In Airdrie, the amount of child support received depends on the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The paying party may agree to pay more child support than the amount outlined by the guidelines, but may never pay less.

    If there are minor children, child support must be included as part of your divorce settlement or the judge will not sign off on it.

    What complicates child support? Several factors, including business ownership, self-employment, special needs children, time spent with the children, and more.

    In short, there are times when the child support amount will be as big of a point of negotiation for an Alberta couple as any other aspect of your divorce settlement. It pays to have expert guidance throughout the process.

    Airdrie, AB Child Custody and Access Lawyer

    Feel like your spouse is trying to take your children away from you? It’s harder than it seems, but you should be aware the court’s goal is to serve the best interests of the child.

    In most cases, the court tends to believe this means fostering a relationship with both parents to the best ability of all involved. Courts tend to favor joint physical and legal custody orders, shared parenting orders, nesting orders, or a wide variety of other remedies that give children contact with both parents.

    If one parent is truly unfit, or a danger to another, then the courts may consider alternative arrangements. If you feel your ex is a danger to your child you will need help providing proof the courts will accept.

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