If you've been in a motorcycle accident then you need help from a qualified personal injury lawyer with extensive experience cases like yours. Our lawyers can help you receive compensation which can help you pay for the expenses associated with recovering from your injuries.

These cases are far tougher than standard car accident cases. Riders face a great deal of stigma, and many people are quick to assign a greater percentage of fault to the rider even when they did not cause the accident. As such riders recover funds far less often than drivers do.

By choosing a lawyer with a long track record of successfully navigating motorcycle cases you increase your chances of getting the money you need to rebuild your life.

What is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents?

The most common cause of a motorcycle accident is a car making an improper left turn, most often because they fail to see the rider. Cars making improper lane changes and sideswiping the rider are also common.

These facts defy most people's assumptions about what happens in motorcycle crashes. Many people believe riders are being reckless just by using a motorcycle at all, and so are often slow to accept the fact that most accidents are caused by passenger vehicles.

It will be up to your lawyer to tell the story of your specific accident in a way that gets you the support and compensation you deserve.

What is the average payout for personal injury?

The number can vary quite a bit based on the extent of your injuries and the skill of your lawyer. Your settlement will cover medical bills and lost wages. If you need long-term care you should get compensation for that projected need. If you've lost the ability to work you should get compensation for lost earning capacity.

You'll also usually get some kind of pain and suffering award, though the amount of that award is capped at $370,000 in Alberta. That award is highly variable and negotiable.

Keep in mind that Alberta is a comparative negligence province, so the amount of money you're awarded will also depend on how well your lawyer does at reducing the percentage of negligence that gets assigned to you during the course of your case. Your award gets reduced by whatever that percentage is. For example, if you're found to be 10% at fault for the accident, then your final settlement amount will be reduced by 10%.

How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?

The average case takes 12 to 18 months to resolve. Most of this happens in three phases.

The first is the discovery process. This is where both sides are gathering all of the facts of the case and interviewing witnesses. During this time you'll also be recovering. At some point you'll reach maximum medical improvement, or MMI. At this point we can calculate a baseline settlement because we know what all of your medical bills are going to be.

The third phase is the negotiation phase. That's the phase where both sides come to a settlement agreement. 92% of cases end here, and successfully.

8% of the time there's a fourth phase. That's when a case proceeds all the way to trial. While this is rare, you should work with a lawyer who starts prepping for trial on Day 1. This ensures they'll be fully prepared if the time comes.

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