When is the Best Time to Hire a Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people wait far too long before hiring a personal injury attorney. Some even wait until their two-year limitations period has run out.

Many misconceptions exist about when you can hire a lawyer and when you should. For example, some people believe you must reach maximum medical improvement before hiring a lawyer or that they must try dealing with insurance companies themselves first.

In reality, if you’ve taken any kind of injury after an accident, it’s a good idea to secure a lawyer immediately, perhaps even as soon as you’re conscious and coherent enough to do so.

Here’s what you need to do.


Insurance Companies Play Dirty Tricks

What do you do when an insurance company says they won’t cover your claim? When they offer you a settlement, should you take it? They want you to email your medical records before paying. Should you?

It’s easy to make mistakes that end your ability to seek compensation or significantly devalue your case.

Your lawyer can file claims with your own insurance company and the other party’s. Any time either company wants to talk to you, you can direct them to your attorney to avoid pitfalls.


What MMI Does

Maximum medical improvement is an important milestone in your personal injury case. It’s the point where you and your attorney know what all the damages look like, the point where we know there won’t be any more medical surprises that your settlement should account for.

It allows your lawyer to start settlement conferences. But a great deal of work goes into any personal injury case before the start of settlement conferences. Lawyers investigate your case, gather evidence about the facts of the accident, secure witness testimony, and protect and advise you throughout the process.

You want all of that to start long before MMI, which may not arrive until you’re close to the end of your limitations period. Give your lawyer time to do good work on your behalf.


Other Ways a Lawyer Can Help

We often help you negotiate reductions in medical bills. We can help you tap into services that can help you while you’re waiting for your case to close, such as AISH. We can even help you secure superior medical care you might have yet to realize you had access to.

A personal injury lawyer can be your best friend throughout a very harrowing process. Why would you leave that kind of support to the last minute?


Get Help Today

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If you’ve been involved in an accident, don’t wait. Contact the expert personal injury attorneys at Merchant Law as soon as possible.

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