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Legal problems can sink a business. Give your business its best chance for survival by getting experienced guidance from the team at Merchant Law. Our business lawyers help you proactively protect your company by making sure you are complying with the laws and regulations governing your industry. We can help you take steps to mitigate or avoid costly lawsuits, and we can defend you when your company is brought into court.

We practice all aspects of this legal field and have dedicated lawyers who have devoted their lives to becoming the best in their fields.

Incorporation Compliance and Corporate Litigation

There are many advantages to turning your business into a corporation, but doing so comes with many steps and ongoing requirements. We can help you ensure your business is structured to comply with all applicable federal and provincial law.

This includes help with certificates of compliance and existence, help with developing your board structure, and help ensuring you’re meeting your obligations under the law. Should you find yourself embroiled in a merger, acquisition, takeover, or reorganization we can give you the strategic legal guidance it will take to successfully navigate these events.

We also rigorously defend our clients who find themselves grappling with derivative action suits, contract dispute lawsuits, or liability lawsuits. No amount of preparation can provide 100% coverage against litigation, so we’re here to give you the best chance of winning any lawsuit that comes your way.

Contract Development

Many contract disputes begin with badly-written contracts. We review contracts that you may wish to offer or become involved with, checking them for legal issues and potential pitfalls. We’re also happy to write contracts on your behalf.

Using a lawyer’s help instead of using “boilerplate” contracts can ensure the contract is fit to serve your unique business interests and needs. It can also help you solve problems long before they ever turn into litigation or take you into court.

Regulatory Compliance

Every industry has specific regulations it must follow to remain in compliance with the law. Keeping up with these regulations and remaining in compliance with them can be a challenge.

Merchant Law is here to help you understand the specific steps your organization must take to remain on the right side of the law. We boil the complex language down to action items.

Employment Law

Hiring and firing employees are legally fraught activities that can create massive lawsuits if you’re not careful. We help you develop policies and procedures that vastly reduce your chances of having to enter a litigation process to resolve issues with disgruntled employees.

Some employees will sue regardless of these precautions. When they do, we’ll be there to defend you and your interests.

See our employment law page for more details.

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Reach out to some of the most experienced corporate lawyers and business lawyers in any province. Our team of dedicated lawyers comes armed with on-point strategies and creative solutions that we will implement in order to help your business survive.

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