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    25% of all visa applications get denied. If you move quickly enough and get the right kind of help, your denied visa application does not have to mean your deportation, nor does it have to mean the end of your dreams of becoming a permanent Canadian resident.

    The team at Merchant Law is here to help you succeed. Our expert immigration lawyers can help you determine the reason for your denial, prepare your appeal, and gather the evidence you’ll need to remain in the country. You have just 30 days from the date of denial to get your appeal filed, so you’ll want to call us quickly.

    Types of Immigration Appeals

    Our team handles three types of immigration appeals: sponsorship appeals, removal order appeals, and violation of residency obligation appeals.

    The vast majority of these cases are sponsorship appeals. This is when IAD has suspicions about a family-based or marriage-based residency permit application. They will want proof that your relationship is a real, genuine marital relationship.

    The next most common are residency obligation appeals. You will need to come prepared to demonstrate that you have met your residency obligations appropriately.

    Some denials happen because the Immigration Division believes you have misrepresented something on your application. In these cases you will need to be prepared to back up your claims.

    Why did my visa application get rejected?

    Something in your application was not filled out properly, raised a red flag, or caused an immigration officer to doubt the claims made in the application. Applications aren’t just forms that you fill out. They’re complex legal documents, and it’s easy to get them wrong.

    Most people who want to apply for permanent residency or other visas should do so with an immigration lawyer’s help the first time they go through the process.

    What is the immigration appeals process?

    Once you have filed your appeal you can expect to wait many months before your hearing arrives. During that time it will be imperative to gather the evidence you need to make your case. Your lawyers will be hard at work drafting the legal arguments that will allow you to stay in the country.

    All “credible and trustworthy” evidence can be considered. Anything that backs or corroborates your claims. We often ask our clients to provide us with travel documents, financial documents, letters or emails between you and your spouse, and anything else which can help you prove your case.

    Your lawyer will provide you with a full list of what will help in your specific case.

    If your case is denied again, we will help you make an appeal to the Federal Court of Canada, who will either dismiss your case or refer it back to IAD for another look.

    Why Merchant Law?

    There’s nothing easy about an immigration case. You need top-notch legal expertise. Years of experience give our team the edge we need to defend your case. Many of our lawyers have decades of experience in this field.

    To get started, visit our conveniently located Calgary Bowness office, or call (403) 237-7777 to make your appointment.