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    Buying, selling, or leasing commercial property isn’t like buying or selling residential property. They all involve complex legal processes. Without a competent commercial real estate lawyer’s help, there can be unexpected pitfalls which can lead to massive financial losses in the future. 

    Our team of Calgary Bowness commercial real estate lawyers will help you eliminate liabilities, negotiate deals, and navigate litigation as it arises. We’ve got decades of experience in the commercial real estate industry, and have served developers and property owners throughout the Calgary Bowness area.

    What does a commercial real estate lawyer do?

    Our lawyers represent both buyers and sellers through complex transactions. We also assist property owners who want to lease their buildings out to stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Sometimes we also represent lenders who back real estate sales or development projects.

    We look for potential issues and points of liability in any pending real estate transaction. These could be title issues, contract breaches, warrants or disclosures made to the sellers, even issues with regulations or zoning that can get involved in the process. We help clear those issues.

    We help our clients develop real estate contracts that protect their interests. We keep them enforceable and useful to the actual issues which could arise within any real estate transaction.

    If a tenant breaches a lease we help landlords recover their losses from that breach. We also help recover losses in a case where a buyer or seller makes a misrepresentation that causes a financial loss. Sometimes we do this by negotiating settlements. Other times, we litigate.

    Finally we help in negotiations. Every deal is different and sometimes it is very helpful to have an expert on hand who understands how to turn a building say, burdened with tax debt or other issues into a workable deal through the use of sound legal strategy and creative solutions.

    When should I hire a real estate lawyer?

    You need a commercial real estate lawyer from the moment you set out to acquire your first piece of commercial property. Commercial real estate is a lot more complex than residential real estate, and issues can crop up quickly. You don’t want to be caught looking for a lawyer when litigation starts.

    Why Choose Our Firm? 

    Our firm has decades of experience in the field of commercial real estate law. That means we’ve seen just about every issue that can arise. We’ve got a long track record of bringing transactions to a successful conclusion.

    Call us today to meet with any of our real estate lawyers and to determine if we’re the right firm for you.