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Living Will

A Personal Directive (commonly referred to as a living will) has for some time been recognized under Alberta law. Accordingly, you may now prepare a Personal Directive appointing an agent to act on your behalf should you become mentally incompetent to make decisions about the following subjects:
  • (A) your medical care
  • (B) organ donation
  • (C) where you will live
  • (D) your social activities
  • (E) educational pursuits
  • (F) employment
  • (G) legal and personal matters
A Personal Directive is your opportunity to deal in advance with the possibility of becoming mentally incompetent to deal with your own decisions relating to the subjects as outlined above. The Personal Directive appoints an Agent, usually a family member, to act on your behalf and carry out the instructions that you set out in the document. Your instructions may be general in nature or be specific as to what medical treatment you might wish to withhold if your condition is terminal.

Alberta law similarly provides for what is known as an “Enduring Power of Attorney”, a document in which you can appoint a person to manage your finances if you lose mental capacity. It should be borne in mind however that an Enduring Power of Attorney deals exclusively with financial matters and does not address matters related to your person, as outlined above. That is why it is important for everyone age 60 or above to have a Personal Directive (formerly a Living Will) prepared.

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