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    Our Calgary NW bicycle accident lawyers dedicate themselves to helping those who have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of another. Examples of negligence involving bicycle accidents include cyclists getting hit by cars or trucks who are not paying attention, cyclists who crash into a car door that suddenly opens, or injuries caused by poor road conditions including loose gravel or pot holes.

    Bicycling, although a fun and healthy alternative to driving, can unfortunately be dangerous because drivers too often do not share the road as they are meant to do. Unfortunately also, when there is a collision between a car and a bicyclist, it is the bike rider who suffers all the injuries which can be severe. Injuries can range from at a minimum bruises, cuts, and scrapes, to very serious injuries such as head and brain injuries, broken bones and fractures, injuries the neck, back and spine, or even death, tragically.

    Know your rights

    If you have been injured as the result of a bicycle accident, it is important you take the proper steps to handle your healthcare and treatment and insurance claims. You should consult with an experienced, dedicated Calgary NW bicycle accident lawyer about your case. The driver of the car that hit you can be held liable for your accident injury claim.

    Because drivers have to have a car insurance policy to drive legally it means that the driver’s insurance company has to pay you just and appropriate compensation which can be quite substantial. In fact even if the driver had no insurance and was driving illegally, you can still make a claim against the Alberta government uninsured driver’s fund. The same is true in a hit and run situation where the driver is not identified. Give us a call to explore your legal options with our experts.

    Do I need a lawyer?

    If you have recently been injured in a bicycle accident, you should speak to a qualified and experienced lawyer right away. It is a mistake to speak to other people about the accident until you have first spoken with a lawyer whom you trust to give you appropriate advice on your legal options.

    It does not always matter what the police report or the other driver might be saying, in general pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way in Alberta. So even if others have said that you were to blame for causing the accident in full or in part, you should still call our Calgary NW bicycle accident lawyers for a free consultation and get their expert opinion.

    Our lawyers will be happy to help you assess what options might exist to pursue compensation on your behalf for your injuries and losses suffered in the bicycle accident.

    Our Calgary NW bicycle accident lawyers will start by conducting a thorough review and investigation of the facts to determine the cause of the accident, determining the person legally responsible to compensate you for the injuries and damages you have suffered. After the cause of the accident has been established, your lawyer’s job is to ensure that the party responsible or their insurers pay the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled according to the law.

    There are strict time frames involved before which notices must be provided including a deadline to file any claim with the court. It is important to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated Calgary NW bicycle accident lawyers as soon as possible following the accident.

    There are issues of gathering evidence and maintenance of the scene, which might change in time and evidence can be lost. Witnesses may need to be interviewed by our lawyers, the list goes on.

    Importantly also is your own treatment of injuries which can affect both your recovery and the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive. Our experienced Calgary NW injury lawyers will help get you to the most appropriate medical practitioners so that you maximize both your recovery from injuries as well as providing the evidence to prove the claim for monetary compensation.

    What types of compensation can I get?

    You may be wondering exactly what sorts of losses might be compensated. Some of the types of compensation or heads of damages to which you may be entitled after a bicycle accident in Calgary NW may include:

    · Pain and Suffering Compensation

    · Lost Wages and Income from Employment

    · Physical disability, impairment, or disfigurement

    · Property damage and expenses

    · Medical expenses

    Some Relevant Statistics

    Statistically bicycle accidents frequently occur in Calgary NW. Bicycle accidents mostly happen during the summer. Some recent statistics from 2015 show that:

    • Over 85% of those who were killed in bicycle accidents were male
    • Over 60% of bicycle accidents happen in cities or towns
    • Over 65% of bicycle accidents involved a bicyclist and a motor vehicle

    Consult with a Calgary NW Bicycle Accident Lawyer Now

    It is a bad idea for you to hire an inexperienced or unqualified lawyer to represent you. You really deserve to have your case handled by a competent and experienced law firm. It is an important decision and one where you should be careful.

    If you’d like discuss the facts and circumstances that led up to your bicycle accident with one of our Calgary NW bicycle accident personal injury lawyers, please call us today at (403) 237-7777.

    Our Calgary NW bicycle accident injury lawyers are ready to help you and routinely takes cases from in and around Calgary NW and all across Southern Alberta. We cover all surrounding areas such as Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, Brooks, Strathmore, High River, Canmore, Olds, Taber, Coaldale, Banff, Innisfail, Drumheller, Rocky Mountain House, Stettler, Redcliff. We have multiple office locations in Calgary as well as in Airdrie, Red Deer and Edmonton to better serve you across the province.

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