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    Our Calgary NW truck accident lawyers dedicate themselves to helping those who have suffered personal injury due to truck accidents in Calgary. Examples of negligence involving trucks include getting hit by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, getting hit by truck drivers who are texting and driving, and getting hit by a truck driver who is speeding or runs a red light. The examples are many. Our skilled team of Calgary NW truck accident lawyers have also seen truck accidents caused by:

    • Truck drivers who are drunk or on drugs
    • Truck drivers who are too tired
    • Company negligence (e.g. enforcing unreasonable truck driver schedules)
    • Trucks which are poorly maintained
    • Trucks which are defective or in a negligent state of repair
    • Trucks with overloaded cargo
    • Accidents resulting from poorly maintained roads

    Unfortunately, whenever there is an accident involving a truck, due to the enormous difference in size between a commercial truck compared with a passenger car, it’s easy to see how a passenger vehicle, can often cause horrific damage to the passenger car.

    Indeed whenever there is an accident or collision involving a truck with a passenger car, the likelihood of serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries to the passengers of the car is much higher.

    Commercial trucks, such as semis, 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers, are so much larger than the standard passenger cars, that it is usual for the truck driver to be far less injured than the occupants of the car in such accidents. This is simple physics.

    Unfortunately such accidents regularly happen. And if you are the victim of such a crash it is important to know your rights.

    Know your rights

    Alberta law does allow those who have suffered injuries in a car or truck accident to take action against the person responsible for causing their injuries so that they can be made whole again by compensation and money damages.

    In other words this means going after the insurance company for the “at fault” driver. An experienced personal injury lawyer can maximize compensation for your pain and suffering, lost income, medical costs, and all other compensable losses.

    Our NW Calgary truck accident lawyers team has decades of combined experience in fighting for fair compensation for those who have been injured on Alberta’s roads through no fault of their own.

    Once you contact our team, one of our experienced lawyers will get to work on your case for you. This starts with an investigation to determine what in fact caused the accident. By uncovering the real cause of the accident, our personal injury lawyers will be able to show who is legally at fault for the crash.

    Should I talk to the insurance company?

    It is almost always a massive mistake to attempt to negotiate with the insurance company adjuster without an experienced personal injury lawyer representing your interests and speaking on your behalf.

    Our Calgary NW truck accident lawyers will diligently and compassionately advance your rights and interests for you in order to achieve the most compensation for you possible by law. Accidents can have long term and far reaching effects on your long terms health and enjoyment of life. Our team of lawyers will ensure a fair settlement is achieved with maximum compensation.

    Our reputation as litigators precedes us! Although most cases settle, our team also takes cases to trial when the insurance companies will not agree to what we believe to be the correct monetary compensation. The insurance companies therefore know that if a fair and just settlement cannot be negotiated, we have recourse to the courts, and we will take them to task. This serves to achieve greater settlements for all our clients.

    Remember the insurance company adjuster is not on your side, they are only on the side of their shareholders as they try to settle claims for the least amount they can. We fight on your behalf and you pay us nothing unless we succeed for you. Don’t take the insurance company’s first offer.

    Speak to a lawyer about it with no cost or obligation to you. We frequently see insurance companies try to get away with offering people 5x less than they should, sometimes 10x less.

    But you need lawyers to build up the evidence with doctor’s reports and lost earnings calculations from accountants and so on, in order to prove the full level of pain and suffering and other losses to get the full compensation entitlement.

    Calgary NW Truck Accident Lawyers

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