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    Has immigration services denied your application? Turn to the experienced immigration specialists at Merchant Law. Our team will review your case and determine what your next steps should be. We can help you achieve your dream of immigrating to Canada.

    Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in this field of legal practice. Our immigration lawyers know what it takes to overcome your immigration obstacles. It’s just important to act fast, as you have 30 days to appeal a decision before you lose the right to do so. 

    Who handles immigration appeals?

    We’ll be working together to make your appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. The goal of our appeal will be to demonstrate why your application is valid. Since application denials often come with removal orders, we will also be working to show why you should be allowed to remain in the country.

    One in four Canadian visa applications are denied at first. The need to make an appeal is no cause to panic. It’s almost a routine part of the process. We’re here to make sure your application is more helpful the second time. 

    Am I eligible to appeal an IAD decision?

    Most people are eligible to appeal. The exceptions are people who are national security risks, who have been involved with organized crime, who are known to have violated human or international rights, or are known to have committed a serious criminal offense that was worthy of imprisonment for at least six months.

    As long as none of this is true in your case you are eligible to move forward with the appeals process. 

    What are valid defenses to an application denial?

    Much depends on why you’ve been denied. One reason is that immigration services believes you’ve misrepresented the facts on your application. In that case we’d just need to provide evidence that you’re telling the truth.

    Another common reason is that immigration believes you’ve breached your residency obligations. We can also provide evidence that this is not the case. 

    If you are in the country because you are married to a Canadian citizen you might receive a removal order if immigration services believes the marriage is not genuine. We can help demonstrate that you are truly living together as a married couple. 

    Finally, there are medical reasons why a person may be denied. We can work with medical experts to help demonstrate why you pose no threat or burden to Canada’s health system.

    When you meet with us we’ll tell you the evidence we need to move forward on your behalf, and what it will take to help you win your case. We’ll argue passionately on your behalf and do what we can to make sure you can stay. 

    Other Services

    We help with all immigration matters, and can help you put in your initial application so you have a better chance of receiving your visa without having to make an appeal. Our offices are conveniently located in Calgary SW. Call (403) 237-7777 to set an appointment today.