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    At Merchant Law, our civil litigation team focuses exclusively on litigating tough cases. There isn’t a lawyer in our office who is afraid to go to trial when it’s the right thing to do.

    We can help you get justice, no matter how you’ve been wronged. And thanks to years of experience we’ve seen almost every kind of civil case that’s out there.

    Types of Civil Suits We Handle

    Whether you’re suing someone or being sued, you’ll be in good hands with our Calgary team. They have handled all kinds of cases for people and companies of all sizes, including:

    • Contract disputes
    • Intellectual property defence
    • Liability lawsuits
    • Wrongful dismissal
    • Licence defence
    • Insurance litigation
    • Estate litigation
    • Creditor’s rights
    • Class action lawsuits

    We also handle appeals, which means you can count on the support of our offices throughout the entire lifespan of your case.

    Help for Companies

    Honest business people need help reducing their liability and defending themselves when other interests try to take advantage of them. That’s where Merchant Law comes in.

    We can help protect you even before someone takes you to court, providing solid advice. And when you do get sued, or need to sue someone else, we’ll be there fighting to protect your business.

    Help for People

    Whenever people in Alberta have been wronged you’ll find us out there leading the charge to get them justice.

    We’ve even taken on the government of Alberta itself, over inhumane practices in the prisons. We’ve been at the forefront of the national Sixties Scoop class action suit.

    Often, we’ve been able to achieve big wins for our clients, in amounts stretching into the millions. Sometimes these suits make headlines, too.

    And we’ve helped people with many smaller lawsuits that aren’t made quite so public.

    And you don’t have to be a member of a big corporation. Anyone can launch a civil suit if they’ve been wronged. We’ve pursued financial justice for victims of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse across Canada. We’ve helped indigenous people who suffered through abusive medical experiments. We’ve helped people who have been hurt by faulty products. And we can help you, too.

    Don’t go to trial with someone who is afraid to go to court.

    Most law firms push towards settlement over all other solutions. Settlement is sometimes appropriate. And sometimes it’s the sign of a timid lawyer who would rather take a guaranteed “win” than go to court. Or they would rather do less hard work and simply want an easy fee. The problem is that when other lawyers take this approach, they are selling their clients short. At Merchant Law we take the opposite approach: We may do more work on a trial case so that we send the message to the insurance companies that we will not settle for less than the full client entitlement at law. Insurance companies then respect Merchant Law’s reputation for accepting nothing less than a full, fair, and appropriate money settlement for everyone of our accident injury clients.

    Many law firms have just one skilled litigator on staff. At Merchant Law, every civil litigation lawyer in our Calgary office is a tough litigator who welcomes the challenges of the courtroom process. And we’re passionate about taking on the causes that matter.

    Finally, we don’t “refer out” cases.

    Some lawyers take your retainer, tell you they’ll represent you, and then refer the case to another lawyer. That lawyer gets a share of the fee and the lawyer you hired does none of the work. This means two things.

    First, the work you put in carefully vetting and choosing your lawyer has all gone for nothing. That person isn’t going to be the one helping you.

    Second, that lawyer won’t know much about the ins and outs of the case, and you may get the run-around when you call.

    Make sure you’re working with the lawyer you’ve chosen. Contact Merchant Law today.


    If your dispute is for an amount less than $50,000 it will be heard by the local Provincial Civil Court.

    The address is:

    Provincial Civil Court

    Calgary Courts Center

    601 5th St. SW

    Calgary, AB T2P 5P7

    (855) 738-4747

    If your dispute is larger it will be heard by the Court of Queen’s Bench. The Court of Queen’s Bench also hears case appeals.

    The address is:

    Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

    601 5th St. SW

    Calgary, AB T2P 5P7

    (403) 297-7538

    We will always let you know when and where to appear in court.

    Are you ready for justice?

    Is someone hurting you? Trying to get away with a fast one? Trying to destroy your company?

    You don’t have to take it lying down. Visit Merchant Law at 2710 17 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2A 0P6. We’re right off Barlow Trail SE.

    Call Merchant Law to speak with a lawyer now. Our number is (403) 237-7777.