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    We’re a team of Calgary Corporate Lawyers, also known as commercial lawyers, business lawyers, or compliance lawyers—all people who exist to help you protect your business. Running a business comes with a myriad of legal risks and complications, from navigating potential lawsuits to staying on top of (and complying with) an ever-shifting regulatory landscape.

    The team at Merchant Law has decades of experience. We’re known as savvy lawyers who can help you spot issues before they arise, can help you draft and review contracts to ensure you’re getting the protection you deserve, and who can help you when the inevitable lawsuit arises. 

    Here are some of the questions we’ll help you answer. 

    What’s the right structure for my business?

    Picking the structure for your business has major tax and liability implications here in Alberta. No two businesses are alike, and we’ll make the evaluation based on your assets, profits and losses, long-term business goals, management structure, and exit plan.

    If you choose to set up a corporation then we can help you fulfill the complex requirements all corporations are bound by, such as setting up your board of directors and filing your articles of incorporation.

    What is “due diligence?”

    Due diligence is a thorough audit of the risks, liabilities, and assets a business holds. If you want to buy a business or a piece of commercial property it is absolutely vital that you go through this process.

    Our lawyers will help you with every step of your due diligence efforts. Why do you need a lawyer? Because often times businesses will have existing contracts in place that you’ll be inheriting, as well as existing obligations. They may have made certain warranties or guarantees that you’ll be bound by. 

    With our help, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into from the very beginning. 

    What is the difference between a copyright, trademark, and a patent?

    Many businesses depend on their ability to protect their intellectual property. A copyright is one way to do that: it protects creative works like songs, articles, or books. A trademark is a word or symbol that distinguishes a good or service from other providers. A patent is a property right for an invention or a piece of software.

    Copyrights, trademarks, and patents are only the beginning of the intellectual property protection process. Our team can help you when competitors try to infringe upon your brand.

    What happens to my business when I die?

    To answer this question you’ll need a business succession plan. Our lawyers can help you form one so your business survives after you die. We’ll discuss your long-term business goals and help you put together a plan that works.

    Remember, your business is less valuable if you don’t have a succession plan in place!

    When should you hire a corporate lawyer? 

    You should hire a business lawyer the moment you start your company. Don’t wait for trouble to strike. Make sure you’re ready. 

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