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    Calgary isn’t always the easiest place to ride a bike. Many motorists are actively hostile to cyclists, many of whom are just trying to improve their health or do their part for the environment.

    The result? Plenty of accidents between motorists and bicyclists, many with tragic results.

    Bicycle accidents can cause lifelong injuries including brain damage, spinal damage, and disfigurement. You could spend years working your way through recovery services, many of which are not covered by Medicare. You may have to take time off work for which your employer will not compensate you. You may not be able to return to work at all.

    When a negligent driver harms you then you are entitled to compensation. Yet insurance companies will often find every legal reason they can find to avoid paying you what they owe you. Working with an experienced Calgary personal injury lawyer may be the only way to get the compensation you’ll need to get back on your feet.

    We are Bicycle Accident Experts

    It’s strange but true: the driver of heavy metal vehicle often gets more credibility than the driver of the tiny bicycle. Often, the same prejudice that can cause accidents results in judges and juries who aren’t particularly sympathetic to cyclist victims.

    This is a problem, because the defendant’s lawyers are going to be working hard to try to prove you were the cause of the accident.

    If courts find you to be more than 51% at fault you won’t have a claim anymore. Even if you’re found less than 51% at fault you could lose a significant portion of your compensation.

    This is often a problem because cyclists are often too hurt to gather evidence, get contact information, or take photos at the scene of the accident. This leaves defendants a great deal of extra time to craft a narrative. 

    You need a lawyer who will fight for you. We will work hard to gather evidence, witnesses, and experts who will help you make the strongest possible case. We will either negotiate a fair settlement or give those insurance companies the fight of their lives in court.

    Wrongful Death Cases

    If your cyclist loved one was killed in an automobile accident then we are truly sorry for your loss. We can also help you secure the funds that can help you recover from the loss. 

    While money can’t replace your loved one, it can pay for burial expenses, replace lost wages and services, and hold negligent parties accountable for taking your spouse, parent, or child away from you.

    Alberta law discourages the litigation of these cases, but there is still a great deal insurance companies can do to try to lower the amounts they pay to the families. Let us help you get what you deserve. 

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    We’re the legal team that gets results. Google us and you’ll see a long track record of successful personal injury and other civil cases. We get large sums of money for our clients, partly because defendants know you mean business when they get a call from us. 

    Working with us is risk-free. We don’t get paid unless you do. Ready to get help? Get started today by calling (866) 225-7777 or visit our office at 2710 17th Ave SE, Suite 400, Calgary.