Joint Injuries from Calgary Car or Motorcycle Accidents


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    Joint injuries are common in car and motorcycle accidents. They include injuries to the joints themselves, to ligaments, and to tendons. They can run the gamut from minor strains and sprains to major injuries with lifelong consequences, like an ACL injury that impacts your ability to walk and run in the future.

    The lawyers at Merchant Law can help you get fair compensation for these injuries. The defendant in your case will most likely try to downplay them and will push to have them classified as “minor” injuries. In some cases this will be true. In others, you’ll need lawyers who will fight for you and who can demonstrate the lifelong impact your injuries have had.

    How long does it take joint injuries to heal?

    It depends on which joints are injured, and how. A sprain or a strain will take about six weeks to heal up fully. An ACL tear can require six to nine months to heal.

    Keep in mind you can complicate these injuries by overextending yourself too soon. Be sure to follow all of your physician’s instructions. If you’re out of work for six months due to an ACL but exacerbated the injury by failing to follow a physician’s instructions then Alberta’s contributory negligence laws could kick in to reduce your award.

    Are joint injuries considered to be serious injuries?

    Many joint injuries are classified as “minor” injuries under Alberta law. This means that while the full amount of your actual medical bills should be covered by any reasonable claim, any pain and suffering award you receive will be capped at $5,500.

    Alberta law specifically calls out strains and sprains as minor injuries.

    However, there are mitigating factors. For example, if the injury keeps you from performing normal daily tasks, isn’t healed in six month, or has been labeled “chronic” by a qualified medical professional then you can recover more damages.

    What’s the best way to win a joint injury claim?

    The best way to win any car accident or motorcycle accident claim is to reach out to a lawyer very early. We recommend finding and selecting one before you’re even out of the hospital. We also recommend you call before you contact any insurance company, as we can deal with the insurance company on your behalf without risk to your case.

    Remember, meeting with a personal injury lawyer is risk-free. There are no legal fees if we’re not successful. All you have to do is choose a lawyer or an office you feel comfortable working with.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Our personal injury lawyers are some of the savviest, most experienced personal injury lawyers in Alberta. That means we know all the tricks the insurance companies are likely to play. If you’ve been injured in an accident, we can provide you with incredible representation that gets results.

    Call any time, day or night, 24/7: (403) 225-7777 to schedule a free consultation and case review. You can also stop by our offices at 2710 17th Ave SE in Calgary.