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    When your marriage is ending, you need an experienced, skilled divorce lawyer to guide you through the process. The team at Merchant Law is here to do just that. Our attorneys have the experience and background to negotiate your divorce settlement favorably, or to argue your case in court if necessary.

    This complex legal matter will have a lifelong impact on your financial future. It may have an impact on your future relationship with your children. It pays to work with lawyers who will get it right.

    Divorce Solutions for High Net Worth Couples

    When you have a complex asset profile, own a business, or have lots of assets to divide, divorce gets more complicated.

    You’ll need sophisticated solutions to avoid devaluing investment accounts, to divide real estate sensibly, or to maintain control of a business you’ve fought hard for. The very survival of certain assets may be at stake.

    In addition, high net worth divorces are more likely to involve complex negotiations over spousal support, or child support above and beyond the Federal Child Support guidelines.

    We have helped thousands of Albertans just like you. We know how to maximize the value of your divorce settlement and create solutions your spouse can accept. Many of our attorneys also have a background in real estate law and business law, which ensures that we have the knowledge to truly protect your interests.

    Divorce Solutions for Farmers and Ranches

    Farmers and ranchers face unique challenges. You’ve got a business and a legacy to protect, assets which cannot easily be divided, variable income and, often, a complex profile of debts. If you did not have a prenuptial agreement in place much of your property may have become marital property without meaning to.

    Fortunately, solutions exist for farmers, and we’ve become experts at providing them. We’ve saved farms throughout Alberta, have crafted creative divorce settlements that preserve family legacies and keep farms in operation. Ask us about some of the solutions we’ve come up with in the past.

    Child Custody and Child Support

    If you have children your divorce settlement must include child support, by law. Yet child support is often negotiable above and beyond federal amounts, or can be difficult to set correctly when income fluctuates from year to year, or when certain assets are tied up in corporate holdings.

    As for child custody, while Alberta courts favor 50/50 arrangements wherever possible, there are many nuances to developing a co-parenting agreement that must be taken into account.

    In the rare instance where abuse or neglect exists, or where you are being wrongfully accused of the same, we can help you fight the battle to protect your family, or to retain a meaningful presence in your child’s life.

    Why Merchant Law?

    We’re known as Canada’s toughest litigators and negotiators, and have a long track record of success. Our award-winning attorneys have been published in multiple legal journals and have hundreds of successful cases under their belt.

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