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    Division of Assets in Chestermere, AB

    Worried about how your assets will be divided in a divorce?

    The division of assets is rarely straightforward. While theoretically each spouse has 50% right to marital property, most property can’t be divided straight down the middle. For example, you can’t divide up the marital home. You’d have to sell it and divide up the proceeds.

    In addition, some assets can be devalued by an attempt to divide them incorrectly.

    All this means the division of assets is ultimately negotiable. If there are some assets that it’s important for you to hold on to then you may have to give up others. Dividing them in a way both you and your ex can live with may require some creative solutions and tough negotiations.

    Child Support and Custody in Chestermere, AB

    If you have minor children then resolving child support and custody issues will be a major part of the divorce process.

    For the most part, Alberta judges favor 50/50 parenting arrangements, or something close to them, unless an alternative arrangement is in the best interests of the child. Judges wish to see parents working together because it is usually healthier for the children.

    If there is a danger to the child then the courts will need to be presented with proof that a sole custody arrangement is appropriate.

    In addition, all divorce settlements in which minor children are involved will need a child support arrangement that’s in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

    Spousal Support in Chestermere, AB

    Not all divorce settlements will include spousal support. Eligibility and amounts depend on a number of factors, including the length of the marriage, the role each spouse played in the marriage, income differences between both spouses, and more.

    Spousal support is highly negotiable, and there are many ways to approach it. Yet it is important to realize that in certain circumstances it is realistic to expect spousal support to be part of your divorce agreement, as judges are not likely to allow one spouse to fall into poverty while the other continues to live a lavish lifestyle.

    Speak to your attorney about options for structuring a favorable spousal support settlement.

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