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Losing in civil court is expensive and life-altering. Usually there are huge sums of money at stake, as well as the livelihood, wellbeing, and future of the litigants. You’ll need a tough team of lawyers to protect you if you find yourself in the crosshairs of a lawsuit.

Ideally, you’ll also have a team who helps you avoid potential lawsuits, and who evaluates your business operations to reduce liability. For example, when you put together a contract it’s a good idea to have a dedicated lawyer who can help ensure you don’t leave loopholes the other party can use against you.

The team of lawyers at Merchant Law are known as some of the toughest litigators in the country. When we step into a courtroom, we hit opponents with everything they’ve got.

What are the four types of civil law?

The four types of civil litigation are contract disputes, property disputes, class action lawsuits, and torts. Here at Merchant Law, we handle all four, and have had particular success with class action cases.

You can view a list of our current class action cases here.

What would be considered a civil case?

A civil case exists when one party has a duty to another party, and fails in that duty.

For example, in a contract dispute, one or both parties have typically been accused of breaching the terms of the contract. When that happens, the party who breached the contract generally owes some manner of reparations to the other signatory.

In a class action lawsuit, a party who has a duty of care to the public, its customers, or some other population they serve has failed in that duty of care, or has done active harm to a sufficient number of people to create a class. The damages are meant both to serve as a punishment for failing in this duty and as a way to make the members of the class “whole” by compensating them for their losses.

Most people are familiar with personal injury suits, wherein one party injures another and the injured party sues in order to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

Why choose Merchant Law for your civil case?

We have a proven, public track record of results. Our clients receive the strongest legal protection available while knowing that they can get justice when they are wronged. When you work with us you’ll be paired with a lawyer who cares about you, your business, and your future prospects.

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