Hollinger National Class Actions

The Documents You Need to fill out File a Claim Form Are Available from the Following Website:


Although Canadian and American residents have been formally given notice of the Hollinger class action settlement by way of a Public Notice Program which included newspaper advertisements, as a supplemental reminder to potential Hollinger shareholders, our firm wishes to draw the below information to your attention.

Briefly, a class action settlement has been reached with regard to the Hollinger class actions, and claimants who own or owned one or more shares listed below can now apply for compensation. This settlement was a negotiated compromise having regard for Hollinger’s and other defendant’s intention to deny any liability at trial.

Our firm is not involved in the processing of claims and we cannot effectively respond to individual inquiries or questions. If you have questions concerning the Settlement or your eligibility for compensation, please contact the Claims Administrator:

Hollinger Claims
c/o Valley Forge Admin. Svcs.
P.O. Box 220
Villanova, PA, USA 19085-0220


Phone: 610-520-0866 Fax: 610-520-0854


Even if you have previously filled out an information form on our law firm’s website, that is not a Claim Form and does not make you eligible for compensation.

Our firm recommends that potentially eligible claimants immediately fill out and submit a Claim Form, which can be downloaded from the above website.

Please see more detailed information about this settlement at http://www.hollingerclaims.com or
e-mail info@hollingerclaims.com with any
questions or to seek further information.

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