Pradaxa Class Action

2021 Update –

Veuillez trouver ici un avis en PDF pour vous informant de modifications apportées à la définition du groupe proposée au recours collectif Pradaxa, tel qu’autorisé par la Cour Supérieure du Québec. Ces modifications pourront avoir pour effet d’affecter vos droits:

Please find below in PDF a 2021 court notice, authorized by the Superior Court of Québec, regarding changes made to the proposed Pradaxa class action:

2019 Update –

Please note this class action litigation is no longer being pursued before the Ontario Courts, given the Court’s decision post at where “class certification” was refused. Any Ontario resident wishing to pursue any legal claims regarding Pradaxa, should immediately launch their own individual lawsuit [by contacting another law firm, as our law firm is not handling any such individual lawsuits in Ontario].


General info –

Merchant Law Group LLP is pursuing a proposed class action against Boehringer Ingelheim, for some affected Canadians (excluding Ontario residents) alleging that the prescription drug Pradaxa put patients at risk for excessive bleeding.

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