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    Slip-and-fall cases are far more serious than the public often believes them to be. They are the leading reason why older adults lose their independence. Younger adults can take spinal injuries or head injuries which cause a lifetime of chronic pain. In both cases, the kinds of spinal injuries or head injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents can even threaten a professional career.

    When your slip-and-fall injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to receive compensation. Let Merchant Law help you get the money you’re entitled to.

    How Premises Liability Works

    Every property owner has a “duty of care” to ensure their property is a safe place to visit. This means they’re supposed to keep an eye out for certain hazards, and they’re supposed to make sure those hazards are dealt with in a timely fashion.

    For example, when it snows in Cochrane, every property owner is supposed to salt and shovel their walks. What happens if a property owner leaves a walk unsalted for longer than normal? If you walk across it expecting it to be safe and then slip and fall, the landowner is responsible for causing that injury.

    Of course, cases aren’t so cut-and-dried. The landowner might claim they didn’t have enough time to respond to a sudden snow. They might claim it was obvious the walk was unsafe, yet you used it anyway.

    Indeed, claims like this are very common defences in slip-and-fall cases, and they’re part of the reason why these cases are so complicated. These sorts of defences demonstrate precisely why it’s so important to have an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer by your side when you try to file your claim.

    You can expect the property owner to fight you, especially if you were on a piece of commercial property, like a retail store. You can expect the defendant to throw everything they have at you to avoid paying you. You don’t want to try to navigate a slip-and-fall claim alone.

    How to Strengthen Your Slip and Fall Case

    There are a few things you can do immediately after your slip and fall which can help you strengthen your case.

    First, you need to gather the names, numbers, addresses, and email addresses of any witnesses on the scene. You also need to report the accident to the owner of the premises.

    Second, you need to watch what you say. Anything you say can be used against you, so it’s a good idea to avoid making statements you don’t have to make. Even saying things like, “I’m okay” can be used against you later. Stick to questions like: “Can I get your contact information?”

    Third, take pictures, both of the hazards and the shoes you were wearing.

    Next, get medical attention and follow all your doctor’s orders. Do not refuse medical attention, even if you think you might be okay. You won’t know for sure until you get examined, and this can be a real problem if an injury presents itself later.

    Finally, call a lawyer. Try to do so as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so, before the property owner’s insurance company contacts you. This will allow you to refer insurance officials to your lawyer, avoiding costly mistakes.

    Why Merchant Law

    We have a proven track record of helping slip-and-fall plaintiffs get the money they need to manage their losses. We’re known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators, so you can feel confident knowing we’re fighting hard for you.

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