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    Have you been running your business without the help of a commercial lawyer? If so, you’ve been incurring far more risk than you should. Running a business comes with a whole host of legal issues. 

    Failing to hire a business lawyer can even devalue your company, because it means you are unlikely to have certain structures in place that protect your company from breaches of contract, lawsuits, or even your own untimely death. 

    What does a corporate lawyer do?

    Corporate lawyers help you protect your interests in a number of important ways.

    One way is by helping you choose the right business structure so that you get off to a good start right from the beginning. Your lawyer can also help you file the documentation that turns your company into a real legal entity here in Alberta, rather than an idea. If you’ve already chosen a business entity and have discovered it’s the wrong one for your operation we can help you make the shift. 

    Another way is by helping you identify and comply with the regulations that govern your industry. Failing to comply with certain regulations can ultimately cost you millions of dollars, and could even result in business closure.

    Contract drafting and review can ensure any contract you sign really protects your interests. We also help you litigate when there’s a breach of contract, or defend yourself when you’re accused of a breach.

    Really, the list of issues that can arise for even the simplest of businesses are endless. Who will take over your business when you die? Are you doing everything you can to manage liability? Are you within the boundaries of the law when you hire, fire, or manage your employees? Do you have a plan for handling mergers and acquisitions?

    When do you need a business lawyer?

    It’s a good idea to get a business lawyer as soon as you start your business. The worst time to get one is when you are already dealing with a lawsuit or a regulatory issue. You should factor a retainer into your initial start-up expenses. If you’re purchasing a business, you should definitely have a corporate lawyer ready to assist you with due diligence and sales contract negotiations. 

    You should do this even if your business seems very simple to you. In our experience, there is no such thing as a business that’s too simple to need help from a business lawyer. 

    Why Merchant law? 

    Come to us if you want decades of experience, razor-focused advice, and caring, responsive lawyers who will invest themselves in the success of your business. 

    Our team is tough both inside and outside of the courtroom, and we are adept at spotting trouble spots and smoothing them over before they interrupt the day-to-day operation of your business. 

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