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A family can face many legal challenges over the years. The act of getting married is itself a legal act, forming a contract between two people which allows them to share property and debts. Having children creates legal obligations regardless of marriage, and even aging can demand some legal planning.

The family law team at Merchant Law is standing by to help you navigate these complex issues successfully. We handle all family law issues, including divorces, child custody, adoptions, and more.

Separation & Divorce

Dissolving a marriage is hard. And in Alberta, it can’t be done without a court order.

Under Alberta law, you can’t get divorced until you’ve been separated for at least one year. There are exceptions, but they require you to prove adultery or cruelty in court.

When you’re separated, it’s wise to have a formal separation agreement in place. And when it’s time to get divorced, you’ll need someone to watch out for your interests. Divorce is not a do-it-yourself job. The decisions you make today could impact you for the rest of your life, especially if you are embroiled in a high net worth divorce. Read more.

Child Custody & Support

Both child custody and child support are governed by strict guidelines in Alberta. That doesn’t mean you don’t need legal representation.

Alberta courts favour joint custody and liberal contact between a child and both parents. But a lot can happen in the courtroom, especially if you were unmarried, you’re trying to protect your children from abuse, or when your ex is making allegations.

Federal formulas govern child support awards. But sometimes these awards need to be modified. And there are ways to increase the amount that’s being paid. Without solid legal representation on your side you could end up paying too much or receiving too little.

Concerned about grandparent’s rights? Sometimes it is possible to name multiple guardians who are recognized as being an important part of the child’s life. Guardians don’t have to be the child’s parents. Guardians have decision-making power, which means they can seek medical treatment for a child, or make other decisions protecting the child’s well-being. Guardians can enter into parenting agreements and can receive parenting time.

We are here to help you protect your child’s best interests. We’re also here to help you protect your financial future. If you’re facing a child custody case, don’t panic. Call the team at Merchant Law instead. Read more.


The decision to adopt a child is a joyous one. But it also comes with a host of legal requirements. The program is governed by strict federal regulations. There are even multiple types of adoption to choose from.

Missing a step or getting one wrong could delay your ability to adopt your child. Uncertainty about whether the adoption is proceeding correctly could cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Feel confident about the adoption process. Get help from our experienced, caring family lawyers. We’ve helped hundreds of dedicated parents bring their beloved children home with them!

Elder Care

Are you prepared for a time when you may not be physically or emotionally capable of caring for yourself? If you want some control in your decisions it’s vital to have the proper power of attorney and guardianship documents in place.

If you have a loved one who is already physically and mentally unable to provide self-care but who didn’t leave these vital documents behind, reach out to us. Getting legal representation is often the best way to protect a vulnerable loved one. We can help. We can also help navigate some of the disputes that can arise when families begin evaluating who will be responsible for an aging parent or grandparent. Sometimes these issues arise even when everyone involved is trustworthy.

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