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    It’s not uncommon for immigration applications to be denied on your first try. If you’re trying to get a visa or become a permanent resident you’ll need help from an experienced immigration lawyer.

    The team at Merchant Law can help. Our immigration lawyers have decades of experience helping immigrants like you. We have a long, successful outcome of bringing immigration appeals to a successful outcome.

    What is the AINP program?

    The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is a way for skilled professionals to become residents of the province of Alberta. Candidates may apply for provincial nomination after registering with the Express Entry system. 

    You will need to earn a minimum number of PNP points to qualify. You will also need to get an invitation from the system after acquiring three years of work experience in your industry and after 9 months of employment in the province of Alberta. 

    The program is a complex one. You can read more about the program here.

    How can I appeal a denied visa or PR application?

    First, you’ll want to work with your immigration lawyer to identify the reasons for the appeal. Application refusals happen for any number of reasons, and sometimes it is possible to simply correct the problem and reapply. Your lawyer can request a detailed breakdown of the reasons for your refusal from the immigration authorities.

    At other times, launching a full appeal process is more appropriate and is more likely to be successful.

    You only have thirty days after your refusal to file your appeal, so you’ll need to move quickly. You may end up going to court, or you may end up going through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Either way success will depend on being able to clearly outline a well-reasoned case for a reversal of the decision.

    How can I repeal a removal order?

    Your appeal will need to explain why you should be able to stay in Canada. As with visa refusals, you’ll have 30 days after the issuance of the removal order to make your appeal. Your lawyer will obtain the Immigration Division or Minister’s record within 45 days.

    The matter will then go to Alternative Dispute Resolution, to a hearing, or both. Your lawyer will ensure you are fully prepared for these meetings.

    Why Merchant Law? 

    You’ll work with some of Alberta’s most experienced and renowned immigration lawyers. Your lawyer will dig deep into your immigration problem and look for a solution that allows you to stay in the country and pursue your goals.

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