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    Motorists in Edmonton aren’t always the kindest to cyclists. This means there are plenty of accidents between motorists and cyclists all over the city.

    These collisions usually result in severe injuries that can lead to high medical bills and a lifetime of pain and suffering. You are entitled to compensation that can help you meet these expenses.

    Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Expert

    Sometimes judges, juries, and insurance companies are as prejudiced against Alberta cyclists as motorists are. Insurance companies work hard to prove that a cyclist violated Alberta bike laws and caused the accident themselves. This can be a lucrative strategy for them because we are a comparative negligence province.

    Comparative negligence means each party is assigned a percentage of fault. Your recoverable funds get lowered by the percentage of fault assigned to you. Cases can grow even more complex when electric bikes are involved, as Alberta has many laws governing the use of these machines.

    The driver’s insurance company will look for every reason to blame you for the accident. You need to be able to prove you were following the law and that you were taking all reasonable precautions to secure your own safety.

    Finally, there may be other parties responsible for the accident besides the driver who hit you. For example, if shoddy work on the part of the bike manufacturer was also partially responsible for the accident then you need a lawyer who will identify this issue and hold the bike manufacturer accountable as well.

    Wrongful Death Cases

    It’s tragic but true: most cyclists don’t stand a chance when they come into contact with a machine that weighs over 1000 kilograms. This means many bicycle accidents result in the death of the cyclist.

    If you are the parent, spouse, or child of a cyclist killed in an automobile accident then you have the grounds for a wrongful death case. You can recover for funeral expenses, grief counseling costs, for the loss of your loved one’s services, for the loss of your loved one’s company, the loss of your loved one’s earning capacity, and the loss of your loved one’s future wealth.

    If your loved one was the sole provider for your family this financial help can prove invaluable in ensuring you and your family can get back on your feet and stay on your feet in the months and years to come.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Merchant Law gets results. We’ve helped our clients recover up to ten times more money than they would have recovered on their own. We have a long track record of forcing insurance companies to do the one thing they don’t want to do: pay up as agreed when something goes wrong.

    We locate the evidence and the experts to make your case as strong as possible.

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