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    BC residents visit Alberta all the time…and sometimes they get into car accidents. When that happens it’s easy for drivers to find themselves locked into a nightmare. They’ve been paying high ICBC insurance premiums all this time, but find their mandatory automobile insurance isn’t interested in being there for them.

    Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny a claim. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with an expert ICBC lawyer who can help you get the compensation you need to repair your vehicle, replace your lost wages, and cover medical costs not covered by your national health insurance plan.

    What does ICBC cover?

    If you’re not at fault for your accident, ICBC is supposed to provide coverage for up to $300,000 in medical and rehabilitation costs. These could include:

    Dental care due to trauma to the mouth, jaw, and teeth.
    Chiropractic care to correct spinal injuries and pain.
    Prescription care.
    Physical therapy costs.
    Psychiatric or psychological counseling related to your car accident.
    Alternative therapy costs.
    Home support.
    Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP) which covers you if the other driver has insufficient insurance to pay for your claim.

    The company is also supposed to provide up to $740 a week in wage loss payments.

    If you are at-fault for an accident ICBC is still supposed to cover up to $200,000 of injury costs and vehicle damage.

    You would be surprised to learn how often ICBC insurance adjusters deny claims. They may try to say you failed to prove that you met all your requirements for coverage, that someone else is actually responsible for paying the claim, or that you don’t actually need the benefits you’re claiming.

    When you get into an automobile accident you need to do two things right away to make it harder for ICBC to deny your claim.

    First, seek medical care. Never say “I’m okay.” Some injuries take longer to present themselves. Second, call an ICBC lawyer. Your lawyer can report your accident and file your claim for you, protecting you from the possibility of making mistakes which can prevent your claim from being paid. Your lawyer will also help you appeal denied claims or litigate the claim as necessary.

    We can also help you identify other parties who may be responsible for compensating you for your injury. For example, if your accident was the result of a defective part in one of the vehicles then we would have cause to sue the vehicle manufacturer as well.

    Dealing With Supplemental Insurance Companies

    Many BC residents have private supplemental insurance to help cover what ICBC doesn’t. These insurance companies may be just as reluctant to “pay up.”

    Our lawyers can help you navigate the complications of dealing with multiple insurance policies, and can ensure all relevant insurance companies paid as agreed.

    Moving from BC to Alberta?

    You will need to transition to a private insurance policy within 90 days of moving to the province. If you miss the deadline and get into an accident you won’t be covered by ICBC.

    Why Merchant Law?

    We have offices both here in Alberta and in BC, so we have plenty of experience working with ICBC. We also have a long track record of getting results for our clients across the country.