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    From retail stores to microbreweries, from office complexes to medical practices, commercial real estate serves as the bedrock for our business community here in Edmonton. Yet every commercial real estate transaction represents a complex legal matter that requires expert guidance.

    Commercial buildings can come with zoning issues, tax issues, existing contracts, and existing tenants. When you start taking on tenants, they come with contract issues and potential liabilities. Our team of expert real estate lawyers helps you pinpoint potential issues, navigate breaches of contract, negotiate sales and purchases, and more.

    What do real estate and commercial leasing lawyers do?

    Millions of dollars can change hands in an average commercial real estate transaction. This includes leasing agreements. Contract disputes are common. When developing, there are issues which can bring expensive projects grinding to a halt. When buying or selling, certain issues can cause deals to fall apart.

    Commercial real estate lawyers help smooth these issues as much as possible. They help you draft and review agreements to prevent potential problems. Help you litigate or settle contract breaches. Help you navigate zoning and regulatory issues that might put an end to your aspirations with a piece of property.

    They also often negotiate terms on your behalf.

    In short, they’re your best friend if you want to keep your commercial real estate investments as profitable as possible.

    Some of the issues we tackle include subdivision agreements, construction mortgages, development and zoning appeals, lien clearance, estate sales, breaches of lease agreements, and more.

    When do you need a real estate lawyer?

    You need a real estate lawyer the moment you decide you’re going to purchase a commercial property. You’ll need one for as long as you own commercial properties to help advise you on the complex issues that can arise during the course of your ownership.

    As you invest in new properties and sell old ones, your real estate lawyer will be there to help. As tenants come and go, we’ll negotiate terms, help you manage evictions, and help you recoup your losses when your property gets damaged. When you want to invest in a piece of property we’ll be there to keep certain common property issues from getting in your way.

    Without a real estate lawyer you are at a significant risk of significant loss.

    Why Merchant Law?

    You’ll be working with a local, specialist lawyer right here in Edmonton, someone with decades of experience with practicing commercial property law in Edmonton’s complex commercial real estate market. Every member of our team is a hard-nosed negotiator and a tough litigator with a long track record of success. Each of our lawyers is adept at spotting potential problems before they arise, and will provide you and your business with top-notch advice.

    Contact our office today to make an appointment with one of our lawyers and to find out if our firm is right for you.