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Hiring and firing employees is necessary to build a thriving, profitable business. Yet employees do have rights, and violating those rights can have significant consequences. In addition, certain issues can arise during the course of employment that can create problems for your business.

We are also experienced with class action lawsuits which revolve around employment law. If you are part of a large class of employees who has been wronged, you might want to give us a call. We have a proven track record of getting results.

What are my rights as an employee in Canada?

Employees in Canada have many rights. For example, they have the right to know which hazards exist in the workplace, and the right to refuse work they believe to be dangerous.

Employees are also entitled to protection from unjust dismissal. Unjust dismissal means you’ve been fired without cause and without severance. If you’ve been fired for cause, then the employer doesn’t have to pay you any severance. An employer can also avoid paying severance by providing the employee with proper working notice.

There are often disputes over whether employees were fired “for cause,” as well as disputes about how much severance is adequate for a just dismissal. These disputes can lead to litigation. Note: all forms of discrimination are illegal in Canada, and are considered to be “unjust” causes for firing an employee.

Here at Merchant Law we help companies avoid unjust dismissal cases. We also have lawyers who help employees get justice when they have been terminated unjustly. This makes us experienced in both sides of the law and allows us to handle your case in a robust, effective way.

Types of Employment Law Cases

While wrongful termination cases are some of the most well known, there are others. Our team also handles wage disputes, discrimination claims, harassment claims, and retaliation claims. We can also handle routine matters, such as setting up employment contracts, or helping you craft an employee handbook capable of protecting you from future lawsuits.

Most employment cases settle out of court. Yet you’ll want tough litigators to ensure you can prevail should the case go all the way to trial.

Note that the government releases new employment laws, standards, and regulations on a regular basis. By working with our employment lawyers you preserve your ability to stay on top of these statutes. You get the opportunity to bring your company into compliance before there is a problem. Doing this on your own is virtually impossible, as it is a full-time job.

Why choose Merchant Law?

Our employment lawyers have been in practice for decades. Our long, successful track record of winning suits for our clients offers confidence that your issue will be handled with legal excellence.

You’ll find every member of our team to be responsive, caring, and helpful. We’re proactive about providing you with solutions to your biggest employment law challenges.

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