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There’s nothing more important than family, but sometimes families fall apart. When they do, the law has to step in to help families divide assets and provide for the care of minor children. Family lawyers also help their clients plan for senior care, manage adoptions, and engage in estate planning.

Our family lawyers have decades of experience, and a long track record of successfully helping clients navigate their cases. We’re here to answer questions, litigate when necessary, and help you take steps that will secure your family’s future.


Types of Family Law

The type of family law most people know about is divorce law. The purpose of a divorce settlement is to divide assets and debts. It’s essentially dissolving a business partnership. Yet a proper divorce settlement will also outline how any minor children will be cared for and provided for. This could include issues of custody, visitation, child support, and more. Some divorce settlements will include spousal support.

Family lawyers also handle adoption and paternity concerns, as well as attempts to gain guardianship over vulnerable adults with dementia, or children who are not your own minor biological children.

Sometimes, divorced spouses must return to court several times throughout their children’s lifetime to navigate issues of custody, visitation, and support. Merchant Law provides ongoing legal guidance through the course of these stressful events.


Getting a Divorce

It is imperative to have legal help when you get a divorce. An “uncontested” divorce is a divorce where both parties have 100% agreement on all the major issues of the divorce. This rarely happens.

The goal of the proceeding will be to create an equitable and legally-backed settlement out of court. Yet some divorces are simply too contentious, and will require court hearings to resolve. When this happens you’ll need a lawyer to defend your interests.

Without legal help you could lose custody of your child, end up paying far more than you can afford for spousal support, or lose vital assets which could have a negative impact on your financial future. Our tough negotiators and hard-nosed litigators will offer a strong partnership that will help you resolve your family law affairs to your satisfaction.


Why choose Merchant Law for your family law case?

Our lawyers have an extensive background in family law. For example, our founding partner, Anthony Merchant, is the Associate Editor of the Carswell Reports of Family Law, is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Journal of Family Law, and is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Family Law Journal. He has also published extensively in journals such as Canadian Family Law Quarterly, as have many of our other lawyers.

This background is combined with thousands of hours of practical case experience, all of which can be brought to your benefit no matter how complex or high-stakes your family law case may be. We specialize in highly contentious, high-asset divorces. We can help you strengthen your case so you get the strongest settlement the law allows.

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