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    Truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents often lead to severe brain and spinal injuries. So do some slip-and-fall accidents.

    These injuries can lead to lifelong complications. Working can become a challenge, when accident victims can work at all. Chronic pain is common. So are difficulties with cognition and speech.

    Meanwhile, the bills just keep coming, and the defendant’s insurance company is doing everything it can do to avoid doing the right thing. These companies don’t want to pay up. They want to pay a paltry sum that is unlikely to address your needs.

    That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Our personal injury team is well-versed in brain injury cases, and we can help.

    Brain Injury Cases Are Complex

    They require harder, longer fights than many cases.

    In part, this is because of the expense that a TBI or concussion case can represent.

    Brain injuries tend to require more medical care than most. This means they will require a larger settlement for loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity. All of this gives defendants plenty of incentives to fight, an fight hard.

    If the defendant’s insurance company can claim the accident was your fault then you’ll only get the very small Section B payout that your own insurance policy provides. They’ll be off the hook entirely.

    If they can even manage to claim that you bear a percentage of fault then they’re going to get ahead, as they will be able to reduce your ultimate settlement by whatever percentage they successfully attach to you and your case. They can also do this if they can prove that you failed, in any way, to mitigate the consequences of your injuries by failing to follow doctor’s orders or by failing to take other steps which might have reduced your damages.

    If your injury is the result of a trucking accident then you’re also often dealing with a second large corporation who has plenty of resources to throw at you. If you were riding a motorcycle or a bike at the time, then you’ll be dealing with the additional stigma that riders face.

    No matter how you acquired your TBI, you’ll need an expert who can help you navigate these complex scenarios. You need someone who will be committed to helping you dig up the facts of a case. And you’ll need tough negotiators by your side, individuals who know what a fair settlement looks like and who won’t stop until the defendants agree to pay up, or who are more than willing to take the fight to court if necessary.

    Compassionate Legal Services

    We understand that your brain injury can make it hard for you to communicate with us about your case. We’re patient with any limitations you might be laboring under and remain 100% respectful of your needs throughout the entire process.

    You don’t have to feel frustrated or embarrassed when you talk to us. Know that we are here to help you find justice.

    Why Merchant Law?

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    Get a free consultation with us and enjoy knowing you won’t have to pay us a dime until we settle your case or win a verdict in court. We typically get far more money for our clients than they’d get on their own, even after our fees are accounted for.

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