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    Truck accidents come with devastating, life-altering injuries.

    They are also some of Alberta’s most contentious personal injury cases. You’re not just going up against the truck driver. In most cases, you’re up against the driver’s employer too: usually a large corporation with plenty of money and plenty of power.

    These companies have every reason to try to pay you as little as possible, and they will typically fight hard to get you less compensation than you deserve.

    We help you fight back.

    Truck Accident Cases Require Expertise

    To win your truck accident case you need lawyers who understand the ins and outs of the trucking industry. There are certain industry standards of training and background checks that can be brought up in court, for example. If the driver’s employer failed to make sure their driver was ready to operate their truck then you’ve got a much stronger case, but not every lawyer knows to ask for this information or knows what information to compare it to.

    Many trucking companies also overwork their drivers. Our lawyers know exactly how to sort through legally-mandated driving logs to find out whether they forced their employee into exhaustion while on the road.

    We also look at maintenance records. Any maintenance failure offers additional proof of the trucking company’s negligence. Again, there are make, model, and industry-standard schedules that should be used for comparison.

    Finally, you need a lawyer who knows how to fight through the complicated process of getting trustworthy drug and alcohol tests ordered for drivers. If the truck driver was working under the influence then you may be able to get punitive damages added to your personal injury settlement.

    Many victims begin their truck accident cases at a disadvantage.

    When two passenger vehicles collide both drivers are often coherent, even if they are both dazed, frightened, and in pain. In most cases, two passenger vehicle drivers can take concrete steps to gather evidence at the scene of the accident, and the plaintiff will walk away with a great deal of the information that a competent lawyer will need to manage their case.

    Not so with truck accidents.

    In a truck accident the truck driver is usually coherent and is often completely unharmed. Meanwhile the driver of the passenger vehicle might be too hurt to gather information or take pictures. They may even be unconscious.

    As a result, most plaintiffs in truck accident cases can do little but passively receive medical care at the time of the accident, and are often left playing “catch-up.” The defendants get a head start on building their case. An experienced truck accident lawyer will often be able to reconstruct the facts of the accident.

    In a truck accident case, plaintiffs may wake up in their hospital rooms to find the involved insurance companies are already trying to contact them about the accident.

    If this has happened to you, take a pause and avoid talking to insurance representatives. Explore your options for legal representation first. Once you’ve hired a lawyer, you can refer all of those insurance reps straight to your lawyer, who will make sure that nothing gets said or done which might weaken your case.

    Getting started is risk-free.

    When you have an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side then you’re likely to win up to ten times as much money as you would have gotten had you tried to navigate the labyrinthine truck accident claims process on your own. You usually come out ahead, even after your legal fees are accounted for and paid for.

    We work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless you do.

    Our lawyers have dealt with hundreds of truck accident cases over the years. We have a proven track record of achieving results for our clients. To get started, call (780) 799-7777, or visit our office at 425 Gregoire Drive.