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    Truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents all often lead to severe brain and spinal injuries. So do some slip and fall accidents.


    These injuries lead to lifelong complications. Working is a challenge, when it can be done at all. Chronic pain is common. So are difficulties with cognition and speech.


    Meanwhile, the bills just keep coming, and the defendant’s insurance company is doing everything it can do to avoid doing the right thing. They don’t want to pay up, or they want to pay a paltry sum that doesn’t address your needs.


    That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side, one who is well-versed in brain injury cases.


    Brain Injury Cases Are Complex


    They require harder, longer fights than many cases.


    In part this is because of the expense. Brain injuries need more medical care than most. They need more compensation for loss of earnings and loss of earnings capacity. This means defendants have a good reason to fight hard.


    If ICBC can claim the accident was your fault they need only pay the limited disability and medical coverage required by the plan. This is far less than the more extensive damages they’ll have to pay if the defendant is found responsible. So they’re going to do everything in their power to pin that accident on you.


    If they can say you bear some percentage of the fault than they can have the award reduced by that percentage. If they can prove you failed to mitigate your own brain injury they can make a case for reducing their payout as well.


    If your injury is the result of a trucking accident then you’re dealing with a company who has a lot of resources to throw at you. If you were riding a motorcycle or a bike at the time then you’re dealing with stigma.


    In each case, you need an expert who can navigate these complex cases. You need someone who is committed to digging up the facts of the case. A tough negotiator who knows how much you need and won’t stop until they get it, or who is more than willing to take the matter to court.


    Compassionate Legal Services


    We understand your brain injury can make it hard to communicate with us about your case. We are patient with any limitations you may be patient and remain 100% respectful throughout the entire process.


    You don’t have to feel frustrated or embarrassed when you talk to us. Know that we are here to help you find justice for the life that’s been taken from you.


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    Get a free consultation with us and enjoy knowing you won’t have to pay us a dime until we settle your case or win a verdict in court. We typically get far more money for our clients than they’d get on their own, even after our fees are accounted for.


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