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    Truck accidents can come with devastating, life-altering injuries. They are also some of the most contentious personal injury cases. You’re not just going up against the truck driver. In most cases you’re up against the driver’s employer, too.


    They have every reason to try to pay as little as possible, and they will typically fight hard to get you less compensation than you deserve.


    Truck Accident Cases Require Expertise


    To win your case you need someone who understands the ins and outs of the trucking industry. There are certain industry standards of training and background checks that can be brought up in court. If the driver’s employer has failed to meet these standards then you’ve got a stronger case.


    Many trucking companies also overwork drivers. You need a lawyer who knows how to sort through driving logs to find out whether the employee was exhausted while on the road.


    Many companies also fail to give the trucks proper maintenance. A small mechanical failure can easily result in a truck that goes out of control.


    In addition, you need someone who knows how to fight through the complicated process of getting trustworthy drug and alcohol tests ordered for drivers.


    Many Victims Start at a Disadvantage


    When two passenger vehicles collide both drivers are often coherent, if dazed and in pain. They can take concrete steps to gather evidence which will later help their case.


    In a truck accident the truck driver is usually coherent. The driver of the passenger vehicle might be too hurt to help themselves. They may even be unconscious.


    As a result, drivers in trucking accidents can’t always take steps to protect themselves. They can’t gather witness names and numbers. They can’t snap photographs. The only thing they can do is receive the medical care they get at the time of the accident.

    As a result, they’re often left playing “catch-up.” The defendants have a head start on building their case.


    Worse, they may wake up in a hospital room to find the involved insurance companies are already trying to contact them about the accident.


    If this has happened to you, don’t talk to any insurance representatives. Hire a lawyer and refer all those representatives straight to your lawyer. Make sure you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer who will know how to reconstruct the facts of the case even if you were not able to get any evidence at the time of the accident.


    Getting Started is Risk Free


    When you have an experienced lawyer by your side you’re likely to win up to 10 times as much as you would have gotten had you tried to navigate the labyrinthine truck accident claim process on your own. This is even after your legal fees are accounted for and paid.


    We work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless you do.


    Our lawyers have dealt with hundreds of truck accident cases over the years and we have a proven track record of achieving results for our clients.


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