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    Need help with commercial contracts? Many Langley businesses must make use of a wide variety of agreements for everything from providing services to hiring employees. It takes a lawyer to make sure those agreements are doing a good job of protecting you.

    When you work with Merchant Law you’ll be paired with one of our experienced contract lawyers. Your lawyer can help you negotiate, draft, and manage all of your agreements. Each of our lawyers is also an experienced litigator, which means you’ll have support in the event one of your agreements goes sour.

    What are the stages of contract management?

    The first stage is to decide what the contract needs to accomplish. You’ll discuss your needs and goals with your lawyer, and your lawyer will then use that information to produce a contract draft.

    The draft will then go back and forth between all of the involved lawyers. Adjustments will be made as the lawyers negotiate over specific terms and conditions.

    Finally, all parties will sign, and then will proceed to execute the contract.

    Some contracts don’t go through this process. Many businesses have standard employment contracts, NDAs, or noncompete agreements. We can help you draft those and can help you adjust them as your business grows.

    Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a standard contract or a specialized one that’s been tailor-made for a specific deal, it is important to make sure a contract lawyer has tailor-created each contract for your business and its needs. Otherwise you could end up with provisions that don’t apply to you and a contract which is ultimately unenforceable.

    What happens when someone breaks a contract?

    The party who suffers the breach can give the breaching party notice that they have violated the terms of the contract. Generally this will come with a chance to remedy the breach within a certain period of time.

    If the other party does not remedy the breach the aggrieved party must decide what to do next. If you decide the breaching party is acting in good faith but is simply unable to fulfill the terms for whatever reason you may choose to try to renegotiate the contract, using riders or addendums to offer new terms.

    If you believe the other party is acting in bad faith or if they will not negotiate then you may have to enter into the litigation process. Litigation can either ensure you are paid damages for your losses or that the other party is compelled to meet the terms of the contract as agreed.

    In all cases you will need a lawyer’s help. The lawyer must protect your interests throughout the entire process.

    Why Merchant Law?

    You’ll get decades of experience in contract law, along with litigators who are feared across British Columbia for their abilities in the courtroom. Our lawyers know business, and we want to put that knowledge to work for you.

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