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    If you are starting, purchasing, or running a business in Langley then you should consider retaining a business lawyer as soon as possible. Businesses face many legal pitfalls. These pitfalls can threaten your ability to keep doing business here in British Columbia.

    Stay in control by hiring one of our experienced business lawyers. We’ll provide your business with ongoing support and protection.

    What does a business lawyer do?

    Every business is bound by a complex web of laws and regulations. We help you navigate that web. This can include everything from setting up your business in the right way to ensuring you’re in compliance with regulations governing how a company in your industry must operate.

    We help your business grow and plan for the future. If you’re buying a business then we help you conduct the due diligence that tells you what you’re getting into. If you’re acquiring another business or merging with one, then we help you navigate these legalities as well. Eventually, you’ll die or leave the business. When you do, the succession plan we help you put together will help the transition go smoothly.

    We also help you protect yourself against lawsuits. This can mean everything from instituting a rigorous contract negotiation and review process to helping you create policies and procedures that make lawsuits less likely as you hire and fire employees. While it is impossible to prevent lawsuits altogether, we can help you reduce your points of exposure.

    Finally, business lawyers help launch litigation on your behalf, or defend you when the inevitable lawsuit arises. Litigation is often unavoidable, but we help you protect your interests at every step of the way.

    Who needs a compliance lawyer?

    Almost every company needs compliance lawyers.

    The Federal government and the province of British Columbia both regulate dozens of industries. While there are a few that don’t have regulatory bodies watching over them, the list is relatively short. Even if there is no regulatory watchdog looking over your shoulder it would be unwise to assume there aren’t at least a few laws governing how you must do business.

    Even unregulated businesses need to be concerned with compliance. If you’re hiring employees there are regulations which govern their health, safety, and treatment. We can help you ensure you are meeting all of these obligations.

    When should you hire a commercial lawyer?

    You should hire a commercial lawyer the moment you get serious about going into business for yourself. This could be the moment you decide to launch a corporation or the moment you start looking for a business to purchase.

    Work the retainer and a reasonable number of hours of legal work per year into your business plan, and you won’t be sorry.

    Why Merchant Law?

    When you’ve got a company to run, experience counts. Our lawyers have 20 to 30 years of experience on average. We’ve seen everything the business world can throw at us. We’re also responsive and interested in helping you meet your goals.

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