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    Are you a Chinese investor or entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of Langley’s hot business climate? Ms. Sunny Lu serves Chinese Canadians and immigrant investors looking to make the most of British Columbia’s business-friendly environment. She is an experienced business lawyer who cares deeply about helping her clients succeed.

    Ms. Lu also speaks fluent Mandarin, allowing you to get your legal advice in your first language, or the language you’re most comfortable speaking. This is important when every aspect of your business is complex. Don’t miss a single bit of nuance due to a language barrier. Get help from a lawyer who can help you make the right decisions.

    Ms. Lu can protect you from legal problems and fight for you when litigation becomes inevitable. She handles all of the following areas of corporate law:

    • Business sales and purchases.
    • Due diligence.
    • Shareholder’s agreements.
    • Shareholder disputes.
    • Incorporation and business structuring.
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Contract negotiations.
    • Contract drafting.
    • Corporate financing and equity agreements.
    • Licensing and intellectual property.
    • Regulatory compliance.
    • Employment law.
    • Investment law.
    • Navigating international laws.

    In short, Ms. Lu is well prepared to handle every challenge that your business might face here in Langley, even across international lines. It’s not easy to do business on a global scale, but Ms. Lu can help.

    Compliance for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    There are numerous laws governing investments in British Columbia, and many more which specifically target foreign investors. While Canada welcomes Chinese investors, compliance is necessary to avoid issues and to protect your money.

    For example, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service recently issued an advisory to Canadian companies active abroad or which have ties to Xinjiang in regards to forced labor and human rights involving Xinjiang. For example, these businesses are being asked to examine their supply chains so as to ensure that their operations don’t support the repression of ethnic minorities in China.

    Business Structure for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Ms. Lu can help you choose between a myriad of options for your business. Whether you need to launch a subsidiary, a branch, or a new corporation, Ms. Lu can help.

    Any business structure requires multiple filings and legal moves to so much as exist. Ms. Lu can help with certificates of compliance, shareholder’s agreements, and more. She can help you navigate complex tax implications and liability issues.

    Corporate Litigation for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Facing a lawsuit? Ms. Lu is a savvy negotiator who might be able to help you get to a workable settlement. Failing that, she’s a tough litigator backed by one of Canada’s most accomplished legal teams. She is ready to defend your interests in court.

    She’s dealt with numerous cases, including contact disputes, shareholder disputes, negligence disputes, environmental disputes, property disputes, and more.

    Contract Drafting and Negotiation for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Contracts are only useful and enforceable when they have been carefully negotiated and exclusively crafted for your business. Ms. Lu will defend your interests during every negotiation, and will help you create contracts that truly protect your company.

    She will also defend your contracts in the event that one of your business partners violates their agreement, or will defend you in the event that your company is accused of violating agreements.

    Regulatory Compliance for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Every industry has some regulations that govern it. While British Columbia strives to create an environment that is light on government interference into businesses of every kind, it is nevertheless necessary to stay on top of ever-shifting laws and requirements.

    Ms. Lu will advise you on changes to these regulations and will explain what your business needs to do to avoid censure in Canada.

    Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Seeking to acquire new businesses in Canada? Fending off a hostile takeover? Ms. Lu can help with all aspects of the mergers and acquisitions process. She can help you pursue your ambitions here in British Columbia and can ensure any buy or sell process goes smoothly.

    She can also help you conduct due diligence in preparation for one of these moves.

    Employment Law for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    Hiring employees in British Columbia comes with obligations. These laws govern how employees may be hired, fired, and paid. They govern occupational health and safety. They also govern your record-keeping and reporting requirements. If you intend to hire other Chinese nationals, then there will be intersections between employment law and immigration law that your company will have to navigate.

    Employees may sue businesses that fail to live up to their legal obligations. These lawsuits can be costly. Usually it’s best to ensure your policies and procedures keep your business on the right side of the law more often than not. Ms. Lu can help you develop these processes, and will defend you should an employee choose to pursue a suit anyway.

    Succession Planning for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Langley, BC

    It takes more than a will to make sure that your business survives you. Ms. Lu is well versed in estate planning in addition to business law, and can use this expertise to ensure that your business is prepared for whatever happens.

    Incorporation alone does not assure a seamless succession. Fortunately, Ms. Lu can help you develop a plan that works.

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    Get Help Today

    Don’t leave the success of your business to chance. Ms. Lu is ready to provide your company with guidance and sophisticated solutions that can help ensure your success. She also has extensive experience in real estate law, immigration law, family law, and estate planning, all of which can play a role in your company’s future.

    Make Ms. Lu a member of your business team. Call (604) 609-7777 and ask for her by name, or ask for the lawyer who speaks Mandarin. Ms. Lu is one of British Columbia’s savviest litigators and toughest negotiators, and she is ready to help!