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    Getting a divorce means making tough choices. You and your ex-spouse will have to craft a settlement that addresses all the major issues involved with dissolving a marriage, including child support, custody, access, spousal support, and the division of property.

    Make sure you have someone watching out for you and your best interests. The lawyer team at Merchant Law is here for you. Our experienced divorce lawyers will make sure you’re protected at every step of the process.


    How does adultery affect divorce in British Columbia?

    Not nearly as much as you might imagine.

    All adultery does is make it so that the couple does not have to separate for one year when getting a divorce. That’s only if you can prove the adultery happened, and that you were not complicit in the adultery by essentially forgiving, blessing, or enabling it. This is sometimes harder to prove than you might imagine.

    Adultery doesn’t impact anything else. It doesn’t impact child custody or spousal support unless your spouse has taken to living with their paramour. It doesn’t impact the division of property at all.

    The divorce process isn’t about punishing the spouse that did the most wrong. It’s simply a business matter. The goal is to get the property divided in an equitable fashion while making sure the children will be taken care of. Beyond that the specific factors that tore your marriage apart don’t matter, especially because British Columbia is a no-fault divorce province.


    Can you date while separated in BC?

    There is nothing in British Columbia family law which prevents you from dating while separated. However, it’s still not a good idea for a couple of different reasons.

    First is that it might anger your spouse. This can make your spouse less willing to negotiate, which can draw out the divorce process, make it more expensive, and increases the chances it will end up in court where you’ll have much less control over the process.

    Second, if your new love interest spends a great deal of time with your children that person’s character and behavior will have to be taken into account when the court is making decisions about custody. While the judge is going to be predisposed to something close to a 50/50 custody arrangement that may change a great deal if they feel like the new person in your life is detrimental to the best interests of the child. You could end up with a far less favorable custody and access arrangement.

    The choice is yours, but we strongly advise against it.


    How much does it cost to get divorced in Langley, BC, Canada?

    A truly uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on all the major issues, may cost less than $2,500 in legal fees. Whereas a highly contentious divorce may cost you as much as $25,000 and up. Lawyers charge by the hour with hourly rates starting from around $250 per hour for a more junior lawyer up to $750 an hour and even higher for the most senior divorce lawyers. The more hours involved the more expensive it becomes. In some cases the expense can be justified such as where million dollar estates are being divided. In many cases it is best to keep the costs down and make it less contentious where possible.

    There are ways to make the divorce process more affordable. One way is to make sure you come fully prepared with all your financial data and documentation. This can help you reduce the amount of time that it takes to start crafting a solid settlement. The second is to ensure that you come with realistic expectations for your divorce and are ready to negotiate yourself.

    Why Merchant Law?

    When you work with lawyers from Merchant Law you tap into decades of divorce law experience. You’ll partner with a tough negotiator who understands exactly how to get the best deal out of your divorce settlement. You’ll be working with a fearless litigator who can represent your best interests in court. In short, you’ll be well protected as you navigate this difficult process.

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