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    Are you a Chinese immigrant who is facing a divorce here in Langley? You’re facing one of the most difficult times in your life. You should be able to go through the legal process with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what’s going on and the comfort that can come from speaking your own native language throughout the process.

    Sunny Lu is an experienced, tough, and compassionate divorce lawyer who speaks fluent Mandarin. She is also well-versed in the cultural and international legal issues that can make divorce such a delicate process for Chinese immigrants. She’ll give you her undivided attention while making sure you get the support you need throughout the entire divorce process.

    Division of Assets for Chinese Divorcees in Langley, BC

    Many of our Chinese clients are high-net worth individuals who have been living the astronaut lifestyle. This means there may be complex assets to divide, from business assets to real estate parcels. This also means that the stakes for your divorce may be incredibly high.

    While there is no way to avoid a lifestyle change after a divorce, Ms. Lu can ensure that your assets are divided fairly and equitably. She can also help you use your assets as a bargaining chip to get what you really want out of your divorce, while ensuring that the assets are not devalued by the divorce itself. Careful compromises may be required: shares or properties may need to be sold or ownership interests bought out via lump sum, interest-bearing accounts and tax implications must be accounted for, and overseas assets must be counted.

    Ms. Lu is also a business and real estate lawyer. This gives her a broad base of expertise to draw upon, ensuring sophisticated solutions and effective negotiations that create a divorce settlement that is likely to be honored.

    Child Support for Chinese Divorcees in Langley, BC

    Federal child support guidelines exist to set a minimum child support amount, which must be included in every legal divorce settlement in Canada.
    Some divorce settlements will necessitate larger payments. For example, if you have a child in private school or has special needs it might be necessary to negotiate a larger child support settlement.

    Child Custody Lawyer for Chinese Divorcees in Langley, BC

    Child custody battles can be very frightening if either parent could disappear into China at any time. China in particular has not signed the Hague convention, though does have local laws which make it illegal for parents to compete for custody rights by “snatching or hiding” underage children.

    Delicate negotiations and an amiable settlement process can help reduce the risks. Sunny works hard to help you protect your relationship with your child while creating a divorce settlement both parties can live with.

    If you are dealing with an abusive spouse there are other options. For example it is possible to craft a custody order that makes it illegal for your spouse to take your child out of Canada. Sunny will listen closely to your needs and fears in regards to you child.

    Spousal Support Lawyer for Chinese Divorcees in Langley, BC

    Spousal support can create a great deal of friction during the divorce process. Few people want to pay monthly payments to their spouse for years at a time. Spousal support can stir up a lot of resentment. It’s also difficult to enforce across international lines.

    Often it is advantageous for Chinese divorcees to seek a lump-sum spousal support payment that will give them the opportunity to establish their own household later. It’s much easier to collect one payment and one payment is generally more palatable to the other party as well.

    Keep in mind that spousal support payments are usually highly negotiable. This means if you can stay flexible about your spousal support needs it might be possible to help you keep your divorce settlement from becoming a major fight.

    Prenuptial Agreements for Chinese or Mixed Couples in Langley, BC

    A prenuptial agreement can protect both parties before there is any animosity. While you cannot place child custody provisions into a prenuptial agreement, you can address the division of property and spousal support. This is a good way to outline what counts as marital and non-marital property prior to entering the marriage. Prenuptial agreements can also help you protect your business or intellectual property.

    Each party needs their own lawyer during this process. A lawyer is necessary to make sure that you create an agreement that will hold up in court.

    A postnuptial agreement may be entered if you and your spouse have already gotten married. Indeed, most people should revisit their prenuptial agreements every three to five years to make sure that they reflect your current assets.

    Immigration Help for Chinese Divorcees in Langley, BC

    Divorce can have a big impact on immigration, especially if you are divorcing the individual who sponsored you for legal permanent residency in Canada. While you have the right to seek help in family court independent of your immigration status, it is wise to work closely with a lawyer to ensure that you know all of your options and rights for maintaining your right to live in Canada.

    Sunny is an immigration expert in addition to acting as a family law expert. She has helped many Chinese divorcees protect their immigration status even as she has helped them through the divorce process.

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