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    If you’re a foreign national trying to make your home in Langley, BC, then you face many challenges. It’s not uncommon to need the help of an immigration appeals lawyer to handle your denied permanent residency application, denied visa application, or removal order.

    The immigration lawyers at Merchant Law have decades of experience and a successful track record of helping people just like you. When you call us you’ll be matched with a lawyer who will give your case their very best.

    What kind of evidence will I need to make an appeal?

    It depends on why you’ve been denied or have been targeted for removal. Evidence in your case could include documents which back up claims you made in your initial applications, travel records, employment records, bank records, and family records.

    Your lawyer will help you develop a list of the evidence you’ll need to support your case. You and your lawyer will work together to gather the documents, witnesses, and letters you will need to make a successful appeal.

    Who has the right to make an immigration appeal?

    This is a complex question. It may depend on a number of factors. For example, permanent residents who didn’t comply with their residency obligations may not have a right to appeal in some cases.

    If you are appealing a removal order keep in mind you won’t be able to appeal if you’ve been convicted of crimes or human rights violations. You also won’t be able to appeal if you’ve been deemed a security threat.

    If you’re not sure, speak to one of our lawyers. We can help you determine whether you’re eligible for an appeal and what your next steps should be.

    How long does an immigration appeal take?

    You can expect your immigration appeal to take anywhere from six months to two years. Depending on the specific facts of your case you may be able to remain in Canada while awaiting the appeal decision, or you may have to wait in your country of origin.

    Some cases are resolved during the Alternative Dispute Resolution process (ADR) which is faster. Others go all the way to a hearing, which means they take a lot longer.

    Why Merchant Law?

    You need immigration expertise and top-notch legal acumen on your side if you’re going to appeal your immigration matter successfully. Our immigration lawyers have seen all of the most common cases and issues and know how to navigate even the most complex immigration matters.

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