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    Every year, 30,000 Chinese citizens become lawful permanent residents here in Canada. Getting immigration help from someone who speaks your language is a huge asset. Ms. Sunny Lu is our Mandarin-speaking immigration lawyer here in our Langley office.

    Ms. Lu has extensive experience with immigration law. She can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s living here, working here, reuniting with a family member, starting a business, or attaining full citizenship.

    She handles all of the immigration matters below, and more.

    Work and Study Permits for Chinese Immigrants

    There are many ways to get a work permit here in Canada. For example, here in British Columbia there are multiple economic-interest provincial programs for skilled workers. While there are many issues to resolve, from checking your eligibility to getting professional licence equivalency, the truth is Chinese citizens attain excellent positions with Canadian companies every single day.

    As for students, if you are accepted to a Canadian college and receive a valid study permit you will generally be able to remain in Canada for the length of your stay, plus an extra ninety days. In some cases it will be acceptable for you to pursue part-time work while you are here, though you will usually have to prove you have the ability to support yourself financially throughout your stay.

    Be careful about attempting to create a “dual intent” visa as this can create problems later. When you work with Ms. Lu, speak to her about all your goals and resources so that she can help you choose the visa that’s right for you.

    Family Sponsorship Visas for Chinese Immigrants

    There are many ways to bring common law partners, spouses, parents, grandparents, and minor children from China to Canada. However, nothing about this process is easy. There are legal requirements for the sponsor. The immigrant must meet Canada’s immigration eligibility requirements and seek the permission of the Chinese government.

    Any mistake can cause delays or even jeopardize your ability to reunite with your family. Ms. Lu will guide you through the entire process from start-to-finish, helping to ensure that your family sponsorship application is as successful as possible.

    Canada’s Investment Based Immigration Programmes for Wealthy Chinese Businessmen and Businesswomen

    You may be looking for the Canadian investment-based immigration program which is a route regularly used with success by many wealthy business immigrants who have come to Canada over the last three decades from Hong Kong and increasingly from the People’s Republic of China. This route can be used to confer full permanent resident status for the applicants.
    We can help! One method is if you establish a business within Canada, you may be able to get in based on your being the owner/operator. You can then apply for permanent residency that way, after you have been in Canada for some time.
    How much do you need to invest to move to Canada under the ‘wealthy businessman’ class’?
    It could be as much as $200,000 or as little as $75,000 depending on whether the investment comes from a designated Canadian venture capital fund for the former or else from a designated Canadian angel investor group for the latter. More and up to date information may be found here at the official Immigration Canada website.

    What are the benefits of immigrating to Canada over the United States?

    Unlike in the USA where green card holders are conferred with almost no social service rights, by contrast, under the Canadian investment based model, business immigrants to Canada will be entitled to receive full national health care benefits which includes access to hospitals, doctors and alike benefits. Furthermore Canada has excellent public and separate schools and new arrivals to the country are afforded the same educational opportunities and school’s enrolment as those who were born in Canada. You will also be able to participate in the national pension system in Canada.

    Many well-to-do Chinese think that a USA passport is the same or better than a Canadian passport. While it is true that the holder of either passport can travel to all the same places (except for maybe Cuba), there is also income tax considerations which one would be well advised not to overlook. Whereas in the United States citizens must pay full income tax on all global earnings whether the funds were earned in the United States or not and whether you are residing in the United States or not. This is an important distinction to income tax treatment in Canada. Here in Canada if you do not stay in the country more than six months of the year (and subject to some other nexus questions that can apply), ordinarily you would only pay tax on your Canadian income in Canada, and you may have none! Indeed the US policy is unique and not the normal policy for most countries, it is an odd policy which can cause an unknowing applicant to become subject to a great deal more income tax than you might have expected. Our lawyers can help you with these considerations as well as complex estate planning, setting up of family trusts, and advise you regarding income tax considerations for the wealthiest Mandarin businessmen and women should you wish to acquire Canadian citizenship and passports for you and your family.

    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications for Chinese Immigrants

    Humanitarian and Compassionate applications are applications that are used in special circumstances. For example, this form of immigration may keep you in the country when other forms fail. For example, if you were sponsored by a spouse and later get a divorce your immigration status may be in jeopardy. The Humanitarian and Compassionate application can help.

    The Canadian government considers many factors when considering these applications. For example, they may consider your current ties to Canada, whether or not allowing you to stay is in the best interests of your children, health considerations, family violence, and other factors. Ms. Lu can help you put your best case forward, and help you provide the government with many reasons to let you stay.

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    Refugee Claims and Hearings for Chinese Immigrants

    The Chinese government creates plenty of reasons for citizens to fear. Political activism, membership in certain ethnic groups, and even certain small violations can lead to imprisonment, torture, and harassment by the government. If you’re trying to escape, there may be a place for you in Canada.

    There are two refugee programs. One is the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement program for people who need protection from outside of Canada, and the in-Canada asylum program for those who are already in Canada and are making a protection claim. At times private sponsors may choose to support and help refugees.

    The asylum program exists for people who have a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk for torture or cruel and unusual punishment back in China.

    Having a sad story isn’t enough. A refugee claim is a complex legal case. Get help from Sunny Lu to ensure that your refugee or asylum claim is successful.

    Removal Defence for Chinese Immigrants

    Have you received a deportation order, exclusion order, or departure order? If you are quick to reach for a lawyer’s help you will maximize your chances of being able to remain here in British Columbia.

    Sometimes you have just weeks to respond. If you have any reason to suspect you may be deported, such as a recent criminal conviction, reach out to our office to get help today.

    Immigration Appeals for Chinese Immigrants

    There are multiple agencies to which immigration appeals must be made under different circumstances. Even knowing where to apply and how to apply takes an experienced immigration lawyer like Ms. Sunny Lu.

    Ms. Lu will carefully explain what you will need to do to turn your appeal into a success. She will work with you to maximize your chances of being able to wait here in Canada while you await your decision.

    Citizenship and Proof of Citizenship Applications for Chinese Immigrants

    Ready to become a full Canadian citizen? You’ll get voting rights, and you will never again face deportation. You must live here in Canada for at least three years as a lawful permanent resident before you can make the attempt.

    While the citizenship application often sounds straightforward, it is anything but. Like any immigration matter, it is a complex legal case. Ms. Lu can help guide you through the process.

    Get Help With Your Immigration Application Today

    Working with a Mandarin-speaking lawyer like Ms. Lu can make the entire process of navigating an immigration case far less stressful and difficult. It ensures that you’ll understand all her explanations, can ask all of your questions and get the answers you’re seeking, and gives both you and your lawyer tools to keep you informed.

    Don’t settle for anything less. Get started by calling (604) 535-7777 to get started today. Ask for Ms. Lu directly or let us know that you’re seeking a lawyer who speaks Chinese. We’re here to help!