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    There’s no such thing as a “minor” brain injury. Even a concussion can have lifelong consequences, like lifelong headaches. Some brain injuries are utterly life-altering.

    They also come with huge bills, many of which Medicare won’t cover. Combine that with a likely loss of income from a reduced or eliminated capacity to work, and you’ve got a tough situation on your hands.

    If your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, Merchant Law is here to help. When you call Merchant Law you’re putting yourself in touch with a seasoned group of lawyers with a long track record of helping clients just like you.


    Help for the Complex Fight Ahead

    The negligent party is likely to put up a long, hard legal fight to avoid paying anything more than the bare minimum required by any applicable insurance policies. This is especially true in a brain injury case, where the expenses tend to skyrocket.

    One way they can avoid responsibility is by claiming the accident was your fault. That you were negligent. That you failed to mitigate your losses.

    It can be difficult to refute those claims because there’s a good chance you were unconscious or dazed after the accident. This can be true even in a slip and fall case. It’s almost always true after an auto accident.

    This means you might have said things, in your confusion, that hurt your case. You might not have gathered some information that might have been helpful. You might not have been in any shape to take photos.

    It’s our job to refute claims of fault with expert testimony and hard evidence. We do so by investigating thoroughly, asking the tough questions, and leaving no stone unturned. We know personal injury law inside and out, so we know how to counteract the tricks the defense is likely to pull to wriggle out of paying what they owe.


    Respectful Legal Counsel

    Brain injuries can make it harder to communicate and harder to cope. Rest assured you’ll find nothing but respect here at Merchant Law. We’ll take as much time as you need to tell us your story. We’ll keep you informed of developments in your case and stay available to answer your questions.

    We are familiar with the challenges you’re facing, and we empathize. We want you to feel comfortable working with us, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

    We know you’re not doing this for selfish reasons. We know you’re doing this to secure your independence and stay on your feet financially. We’re here to help.


    Get Started Today

    You don’t need any money in-hand. We work on contingency, which means we only get paid when you do. Most of our brain injury clients receive as much as ten times as much with our help as they ever would have gotten on their own, even after legal fees are accounted for.

    Schedule your risk-free, no-obligation consultation today. Just call (604) 535-7777, or visit our office at 6337 198 St. #101, Langley City, BC.