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    If you are a bicycle rider injured by a negligent motorist then you need a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the process of getting compensation. This is a very complex and adversarial process.

    The driver’s insurance plan will want to pay as little as possible. If they can prove the accident was your fault, then you will get some limited coverage.

    If we can prove the accident was their fault, then you can sue for damages above and beyond what this limited no-fault policy allows for.

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    Bicycle cases aren’t easy. While you might think that it’s obvious the driver’s insurance company should pay you for your loss that is not usually so obvious to the courts.

    These cases get complex quickly.

    First, bicycle riders sometimes carry stigma. There are many drivers who feel they do not belong on the roads. This stigma can have a subtle impact on your case.

    Second, cyclists riders aren’t always in the best position to help their own cases.

    After all your accident you may have been unconscious or in significant pain. This may have made it difficult or impossible to take down the driver’s contact and insurance information. You might not have gotten any pictures. You might even be uncertain as to what happened.

    Meanwhile, from the moment you wake up in the hospital, representatives from the insurance company are trying to get in touch with you so they can manipulate the situation to their benefit.

    Don’t let them. From the moment you wake up you should choose and retain a personal injury lawyer. This allows you to send all those insurance representatives straight to your lawyers, who will file the claim for you.

    The defence has a head start on constructing the narrative. Hiring a lawyer fast will help you close the gap. Your lawyers can get to work reconstructing the facts of the case.

    Wrongful Death Cases

    Many motorcycle riders die in car accidents. This can mean the family is left with significant financial losses.

    Wrongful death claims exist to allow the parents, spouses, or children of the deceased to absorb these losses. These can include:

    • Funeral expenses
    • Medical expenses
    • Loss of the deceased’s income
    • Loss of the deceased’s services and companionship
    • Loss of inheritance

    We know money can’t replace your loved one. Nevertheless, it can help you get back on your feet.

    Make sure you get every penny you deserve. Let Merchant Law fight for you.

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    We’ve got a long track record of winning bicycle accident cases. We’re some of Canada’s savviest negotiators and toughest litigators, and we have a reputation for presenting strong arguments on behalf of our clients. This means that when you retain our firm, insurance companies know you mean business.

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