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    Have you sustained a brain injury or concussion as the result of a car accident or slip and fall? If the accident was the result of another party’s negligence, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for the expenses this injury has created.

    If you do, you’ll need an expert brain injury lawyer by your side. The insurance companies who will be responsible for paying your expenses are prepared to put up a fight. You need to be equally prepared.


    Brain injury cases require an expert.

    Brain injury cases are complex for two reasons.

    First, brain injury cases can get very expensive. The insurance companies don’t want to be on the hook for the sorts of medical bills your treatment is likely to generate. As a result, they’re likely to throw everything they have at the case.

    They want to prove you were at-fault for the accident. If they can do this, they can get away with paying a lot less. In some cases, proving you were the negligent party can relieve them of any responsibility to pay.

    Second, plaintiffs in brain injury cases are often unconscious or dazed after their accident. This can mean they weren’t able to gather evidence like witness names or photographs.

    Third, brain injuries tend to be “invisible.” You can expect a major dispute over the extent to which your injuries have really impacted your life. Your doctor might tell you that you shouldn’t be working, for example, only for the defendant to come up with a doctor of their own who will stand up and say you should be able to work just fine.

    It can be infuriating to hear someone try to pretend like you’re just faking your pain for money, but those are the types of arguments the defense is likely to present.

    A skilled lawyer can work around these limitations. Our team knows exactly how to present the evidence. This will allow us to show the impact this injury is having on your life.


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    We understand your brain injury may have had a significant impact on your mood, communication ability, and ability to process everything this case is throwing at you. We also understand that you may be in significant pain, even while you’re trying to talk to us.

    Our team has nothing but respect and empathy for your situation. We allocate the necessary time to work with you at your pace.

    We’re committed to helping you get justice, and to helping you secure the funds you’ll need to meet your expenses.


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