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    When you’ve been injured in an accident there’s a good chance you’ll lose your ability to work. For some victims, this will be a short-term problem. Others will be permanently out of work.

    If the accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. You will need a qualified lawyer by your side to make it happen, as these cases can become complex very quickly.


    Loss of Earnings

    Calculating the loss of earnings is usually a fairly straightforward exercise. You take the amount you’d usually earn in a week, and multiply it by the number of weeks you’re out of work.

    In some cases, this figure is complicated because some employers fire employees while they’re still in their hospital beds. This is a grim reality, but something we try to account for.

    The question becomes how many months that it’s fair to compensate an employee for when this happens. A good lawyer will argue for as many months as they can get for you. After all, if not for your accident, you would still have a job.


    Loss of Earning Capacity

    Attaching a dollar value to a loss of earnings capacity is far more complicated than calculating a loss of earnings. This is a matter of trying to predict how much you would have earned, if not for the accident, as well as accounting for your future work life after the accident.

    Major questions arise. Can you work at all? If so, can you work full-time? Can you pursue the same career you used to enjoy, or will you need to train for an entirely different career? Will it be harder for you to find a job because you’re injured and are therefore less marketable to employers?

    Naturally the defense will disagree on all these points, and will downplay the extent to which the accident is impacting your life. They will argue you are simply trying to take advantage of your accident to laze around and live the “high life” at their expense.

    Our lawyers are here to stop them by providing that your loss of earnings capacity is real. We use tough negotiation and courtroom tactics to make that happen. We also pour resources into expert witnesses like physicians and forensic economists.

    WIth persistence, we can get you a fair settlement that can get you back on your feet. With our help, you are likely to get far more money in your pocket than you ever would have trying to fight the insurance companies on your own.


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