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    When a 2000+ kilogram vehicle collides with a pedestrian there isn’t much contest. The pedestrian is usually seriously injured, and those injuries can have an impact for the rest of that person’s life.

    You’d think this would mean that the process of getting compensation for those injuries is simple. The counterintuitive truth is that pedestrians can sometimes be at fault for these accidents.

    This means if you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident and you believe the driver was at fault, then you’re going to need tough representation capable of helping you prove it.


    The Complications of Pedestrian Accidents

    If the insurance company can prove you were the negligent party, then they had to pay you a lot less. The limited accident benefits you receive are rarely going to be enough to cover your losses.

    They can do this by providing you broke certain traffic laws, or took certain actions that would have made it impossible for a driver to anticipate your presence on the road.

    Meanwhile, most pedestrians are not in a good position to help their own cases following the accident. A driver who has been in an accident can take photos or collect insurance information.

    A pedestrian is usually unconscious, or in so much pain that all they can do is accept medical attention.

    This allows the defense a lot of time to get work on their case, leaving the pedestrian to play “catch up.”

    The lawyers at Merchant Law are adept at working around this limitation. We have the resources to piece together the facts of the case and to prove you were not the negligent party. You’ll present a strong case that will allow you to get the compensation you need and deserve.


    Wrongful Death Cases

    Sadly, many pedestrians do not survive these types of accidents. This leaves the family with extensive expenses and the loss of the services and income that person brought to the family unit.

    If you are the spouse, child, or parent of the deceased then you can bring a lawful death claim.

    Again, insurance companies will be trying to claim the accident was the deceased’s fault. You’ll need passionate advocates who can help you achieve maximum recovery.

    You are not profiting at your loved one’s expense by doing this. You are getting the resources you need to keep your family afloat and functional.


    Getting Started

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    Call us before you speak to anyone from the insurance company. Ideally you’ll let us deal with those representatives for you, and will do so from Day 1.

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