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    Did you suffer from a spinal injury as the result of a slip-and-fall or major auto accident? If so, the bills are likely to be piling up while you’re attempting to heal. There’s a good chance you’re out of work, and there’s a good chance you’ve been rendered unable to work as a result of your accident.

    You need money to cover these extensive expenses. You have the legal right to seek compensation from the negligent party who caused your injury. Merchant Law can help you make a strong case that can get you far more money than you’d make on your own.


    Get the Legal Help You Need

    When you have a spinal injury you’re likely to either be dealing with a car insurance company or a property insurance company. Both insurance companies have a single goal: paying you as little as possible. If they can get away with it, they’ll do their best to pay nothing at all.

    This means they’re going to be doing everything in their power to get the courts to say you were the negligent party, or that you bear a high percentage of fault. Alberta is a comparative negligence province, so even if they can’t assign full fault they’ll be trying to demonstrate that you were at least partially responsible for the accident. Every percentage point decreases their eventual payout that much more.

    They’re also going to try to downplay the severity of your injuries. They’ll try to imply you’re exaggerating your pain or your reduced physical capacities.

    These tactics are infuriating, but they help to demonstrate why you need an experienced spinal injury lawyer by your side.


    Strengthen Your Case With Early Representation

    Quite soon after your accident, the insurance company will begin sending representatives to try to talk to you. You should be aware that none of these people are your friends.
    They’re going to try to inspire you to say things which could make a drastic negative impact on your case. They may also try to pressure you into signing documents you should not sign.

    They may even make a settlement offer, but it will typically be a lowball offer which will not cover your expenses. They’re relying on your inexperience.

    If you hire a lawyer quickly you can refer to all these insurance professionals straight to the experts. They’ll know that you’re serious, and they won’t waste time trying to ensnare you. We’ll shield you from the major mistakes you may make under stress, and we’ll press these companies to give you the compensation you deserve.


    Why Merchant Law?

    We’re known as some of Canada’s toughest negotiators and fiercest litigators. We’re happy to negotiate out-of-court if the insurance company is willing to come to the table with fair offers, but we won’t hesitate to fight and fight hard if we have to.

    Get started today with a free, no-obligation consultation. Remember, we work on contingency, so there’s no risk.

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