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    Slip and fall accidents are far more serious than people realize. They can result in spinal injuries, head injuries, and broken bones, all of which can lead to a lifetime of complications and pain.

    If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property because they were negligent in how they maintained that property or how they alerted visitors to hazards than you may be able to recover significant compensation for your losses.

    The process will not be easy. The property insurance company isn’t going to volunteer to pay you the true amount you’ll need to get back on your feet, even if they offer a lowball settlement at first. To get a fair compensation amount you’ll need the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer.

    What Your Lawyer Must Prove

    Your lawyer must prove the occupier knew about the hazard and did not address that hazard in a timely fashion.

    For example, one common slip-and-fall case happens in the winter, when a occupier of a premises fails to snow shovel on the walks. The lawyer must prove the occupier knew there was snow on the walks and failed to salt and shovel that snow in a reasonable fashion.

    Another common case involves puddle hazards in a store. Your lawyer must prove the occupier had ample time to learn about the hazard and to respond to it either by cleaning it up or by posting warnings.

    Because Alberta is a comparative negligence province, your lawyer must also prove that you did not contribute to the accident in some way by behaving negligently yourself. This means you did not ignore signs and warnings, and did not engage in any reckless behavior.

    Your lawyer must also show you took steps to mitigate your loss. In Alberta, a negligent party may be responsible for the loss, but you’re responsible for making sure that loss costs as little as possible by taking certain common-sense steps, like getting proper medical care in a timely fashion.

    How You Can Strengthen Your Case

    After a slip-and-fall there are some things you can do to make your case stronger. First, you should look around to see who saw the accident. Get their names and numbers: they’re vital witnesses.

    Second, take out your phone and take some pictures of the hazard. Note the presence or absence of any signs.

    Take a photo of your shoes. The shoes you were wearing comes up in these cases more than you might think.

    Say as little as possible. Avoid statements like “I’m okay,” or “wow, I’m so clumsy.” These can be used against you later.

    Get medical care immediately and comply with all of your doctor’s instructions. The moment you are medically able to do so, choose and retain a qualified slip-and-fall lawyer. Do not talk to the property owner or the insurance company before you talk to a lawyer, and do not sign any statements.

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