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    If you slip and fall in your own home you’re liable for your own injuries. But if you slip and fall in someone else’s home, business, or work site, you could have a personal injury claim.

    All slip and fall claims are based on the theory of “occupier’s liability.” That is, a person who owns a building, property, or establishment is responsible for keeping that property in good repair and within safety standards. They owe a

    They’re also responsible for warning about any hazards that might be located on their property.

    In short, they hold a “duty of care” to everyone who steps foot on their property.

    When they fail in that duty, and someone gets hurt, property owners are liable for the losses associated with the injuries taken.

    Slips and falls are the most common ways people get hurt on a property, which is why we tend to call these “slip and fall” cases. Yet falling objects can strike heads, electrical hazards can cause burns, and chemical hazards can make visitors sick, as well. It doesn’t really matter how you get hurt.

    If a property owner’s negligence caused you to sustain an injury, Merchant Law can help. Our top notch team of personal injury lawyers understands what you’re going through and takes your claim seriously. We’ll do everything in our power to help you maximize compensation for your slip and fall claim.


    How much is a slip and fall claim worth?

    Your settlement will include compensation for:

    • Medical expenses beyond what Medicare pays for.
    • Lost wages.
    • Loss of income and loss of earning capacity when appropriate.
    • Compensation for services you needed to purchase while you were injured.
    • Compensation for the pain and suffering you’re going through, capped at $370,000 in Alberta.

    Every case is different, and the facts of every case are different, so we can’t give you a specific number range. Rest assured, the team at Merchant Law will work hard to get as much compensation for your case as possible.


    How Negligence Works in a Slip and Fall Case

    Every property owner has a “duty of care” to keep their property as safe as possible.

    When something breaks on the property a hazard gets created. Property owners must take steps to fix that problem within a reasonable amount of time.

    When they know a hazard exists, they are supposed to post warning signs so visitors, vendors, employees, and customers can avoid that hazard.

    When they fail, their property insurance company must step in and pay for their negligence, or they must pay themselves.

    Often, the only way to file a claim is to reach out to a lawyer. The property owner doesn’t have to give you their insurance information. It’s vital to move as quickly as possible, as in many cases there are deadlines you must meet to make your claim successfully. In addition, we will need to secure evidence, which tends to dry up as time progresses.

    Ideally, you’ll hire a Medicine Hat slip and fall lawyer as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. If you call right away we can file your claim and deal with the insurance company for you.


    Are slip and fall cases easy to win?

    Slip and fall cases are not easy to win. The insurance company fights tooth-and-nail to avoid paying anything at all. Failing that, they’ll try to pay as little as possible. Try to avoid dealing with the insurance adjuster at all if you can help it. It’s always better to send the insurance company to deal with your lawyer.

    One way they get out of paying is by making a convincing case that the property owner didn’t have enough time to learn about the hazard or address it. If they can’t do that, they try to prove you should have known about the hazard and that you caused your own injuries by failing to avoid it.

    If they can prove you were at least a little at-fault for your accident, or that you failed to mitigate your injuries, then they can get your award and their liability reduced. This can cost you thousands of dollars.

    These cases can be even harder when the entity that owns the property is the city.

    Fortunately, the team at Merchant Law digs deep to investigate every single case. We work hard to overturn every defense argument so that you get all the compensation you deserve for your slip and fall case.


    Why Choose Merchant Law

    “I was in an accident during the summer, and this was my first major accident since living in Edmonton over the past 12 years. I was injured badly and wasn’t quite sure who to get to help me. I reached out to Merchant Law Group. They led me through it all with care. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone with legal needs.” -Eoin Moran

    When you choose Merchant Law, you choose personal injury lawyers with over 20 years of experience. You also choose a responsive, caring team who takes the time to listen to you and to investigate your case.

    You’ll never be left to wait and worry. We answer all calls and emails in a timely fashion.

    We work diligently to get you the best possible compensation for your slip and fall case. We’re known for being some of Alberta’s toughest negotiators and savviest litigators. That means you’re likely to get much more money with our help than you’d ever get on your own.
    Because we work on contingency, we don’t get paid until we’ve brought your case to a successful conclusion, but our thousands of wins over the years has given us an outstanding war chest that we can use to hire the experts you’ll need to prove your claim.

    Don’t try to navigate an occupier’s liability case on your own. Contact us to schedule your free case review today.