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    If you don’t have help from a qualified farm and agricultural business lawyer then your farm may be at risk.

    Farms are businesses, and as such they face many serious legal issues and liabilities. Many farmers have not taken the necessary steps to protect themselves against these threats.

    Our attorneys help farmers with a wide variety of business law issues. We can help you identify sources of risk, negotiate contracts, deal with breaches and lawsuits, and more.


    Contracts for Farmers

    Production contracts. Marketing contracts. Buy and sell contracts. Equipment leases. Farmers must generate, negotiate, sign, and deal with a wide variety of contracts.

    Before committing to a contract you should have your own dedicated business attorney check it over for any potential problems and pitfalls. In addition, in the event that you are accused of a breach or need to hold another company accountable for a breach you will need a dedicated attorney to help you defend your interests.

    Some farmers overlook the importance of customized contracts, either relying on Internet boilerplate or accepting another company’s contracts without question. This can get a farmer into a lot of trouble. Work with an attorney to make sure each contract is written to avoid ambiguities and loopholes.


    Real Estate Law for Farmers

    Most farmers will enter into leases, land sales, or land purchases at some point during the life of their business. Working with an agricultural attorney can protect you and your farm as you navigate these deals.

    These issues can even bleed over into other areas, such as estate planning. It pays to get them absolutely right.


    Employment Law for Farmers

    If you have employees, and most farmers do, then you need to ensure they’re being handled in accordance with national and provincial employment law. Failures in this area can mean opening your farm up to an expensive lawsuit, as well as fees, fines, and other penalties.

    It only takes one major employment lawsuit to wipe out a farm, so we try to help you prevent them. We help you institute policies and best practices that can make your workplace a safe and legal place to work. In so doing, we can help generate the resources you’ll need to protect and defend yourself against lawsuits in the future.


    Lawsuit Defense for Farmers

    Farmers are just as open to liability lawsuits as any other business owners. Our team can help you identify liability risks and defend you when lawsuits of any kind happen to arise.

    For most farmers in Moose Jaw, the question is not whether they will get sued, but when. Having a pre-existing relationship with an agricultural attorney is one of the best ways to ensure these cases come to a good outcome.


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